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Should the Insanity Plea be a Legitimate in the Criminal Justice System? (Essay Sample)


Insanity Defense
Human psychology involves complex analyses and dynamic theories of cognition, personality, and disorders. There is often a level of interpretation in psychological pursuits and inquiries. This complexity can make it difficult to definitively, objectively assess mental illness and insanity. This complicates the criminal justice system, which relies on objective testimony and concrete evidence to deliver fair convictions and sentencing. Questions about what constitutes a “fair” conviction and sentence may arise when an offender has questionable sanity, criminal responsibility, volition, or cognition.


Should the Insanity Plea be a Legitimate in the Criminal Justice System?
Should the Insanity Plea be a Legitimate Plea in the Criminal Justice System?
The insanity plea in the criminal justice is there to be used for people who cannot be held responsible for their own actions, by way of mental impairment (Mental Health America, 2017). The idea behind the creation of the plea was to keep people from punishment where that punishment would not only be unethical, but also ineffective (in both cases, due to people's mental impairment). There are, however, people who argue that the insanity plea can be (and is) taken advantage of by particularly unscrupulous people and their lawyers, in order to receive more leniency in the courts. This paper will aim to show that the Insanity Plea is a useful and necessary addition to the criminal justice system, using examples from Dahmer and Hinckley Jr.
Two examples of possible judicial fraud occur with Jeffrey Dahmer and John Hinckley Jr, respectively, which is partly why people are now rethinki

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