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The Event Industry Term Project Management Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


This project will give you the opportunity to develop an event concept and a checklist of tasks
required to plan your event. The end result of this project will be an online report submission
based upon the following scenario.
You are an event organizer for one of the following events (choose one):
The 20XX IAAPA Aracons Expo - hp://www(dot)iaapa(dot)org/expos/iaapa-aracons-expo/home
The 20XX PGA Show - hp://www(dot)pgashow(dot)com/
The 20XX Surf Expo - hps://www(dot)surfexpo(dot)com/
The NRA Show 20XX - hps://
The Hospitality Design Expo 20XX - hps://www(dot)hdexpo(dot)com/
You will develop the event concept, including operaonal planning, markeng, and risk
management based on your selecon. Your report must include the following:
Answers to the 5 Ws:
1. WHY are you having this event? (the purpose and goals, and why)
2. WHO is your market? (aendee demographics, psychographics, geographics, and why)
3. WHEN (year, month, days, and why)
4. WHERE (desnaon, venue, and why)
5. WHAT are you going to do? (the event inerary and why)
1. Markeng strategy(ies) that will be used (channels, media, etc., and why)
2. Accommodaons (how many hotel rooms needed, where they will be, etc.)
3. Event setups (what space, equipment, and setup will be needed, and why)
4. Food and beverage (catered meals, aendees on own, etc., and why)
5. Exhibitors/vendors and service providers (expo services, A/V providers, etc., and why)
6. Event technology (what new or exisng tech will be used, and why)
7. Environmental and/or CSR issues that should be considered (and why)
8. Use of any desnaon management services (e.g. CVBs, DMCs, DMOs, etc., and why)
9. Budget (rough approximaon) as well as any sponsorships (and why)
10. Risk management and legal issues that should be considered (and why)
It is important to note than when you visit the websites for these events, you will see that the
next events have already been scheduled, venues chosen, ineraries wrien, etc. I DO NOT want
you to simply regurgitate the event’s existing plan for the current year. If you do this you will
not receive credit. What I want is for you to develop YOUR OWN plan.
So, for example, once you choose an event, you will need to decide on, among other things,
venue. For this choice, you can go one of two ways:
1. Choose the venue that the real event planners have chosen for their upcoming event. IF
you do this, you will need to explain why it is a good venue (i.e. Why is it the best
choice? Why wouldn’t another venue in another city be a beer opon?)
2. Choose a different venue than the real event planners have chosen for their upcoming
event. IF you do this, you will need to explain why your chosen venue is a beer choice
(i.e. What makes it superior to their choice? And to other opons?)
You will do this for all five Ws (why, who, when, where, what) and for the content areas as
applicable. So you may use the actual event informaon as a reference to inform your own
decisions, but for each point in the paper you will need to explain whether you concur with the
real event planners or not, ANY WHY.
Note: Although you were not quizzed on Chapter 5 of your textbook in this course, it would be a
great place to start for this project as its focus is exhibions.
Your term project should be no less than 2,000 words. A 2,000 word paper should include a
minimum of 5-10 references, which should be cited in proper APA format. Also, the length
requirement of 2,000 words means 2,000 words of substance. If you put a heading in your
submission, you shouldn’t count that. You also shouldn’t count your reference page. Do not
include the instrucons (above) in your submission as those words will not count. Bluntly, I am
looking for 2,000 words of your own thoughts and analysis. While it is up to you to determine
how the 2,000 words should be allocated


The Event Industry Term Project
The Event Industry Term Project
Event planning and management is one of the most effective tools used for successful marketing communication used by institutions to create brand awareness. The process of planning an event, whether it is a ceremony, a competition, a party, a festival or a convention is known as event planning and includes budgeting, venue reservation, coordination of transport, establishing the dates, acquiring the required permits, developing the event theme, coordinating speakers and many other aspects that relate to the event. On the other hand event management refer to the planning, preparation and production of an event involving all the resources aimed at achieving the objective of the event such as assessing, defining, acquiring, allocating, directing, controlling, financing, people, products and services. Event management is use of project management in the planning process of the event.
In order to have a successful event, it must have a clear concept which is in tandem with the objective of the event and the needs of the targeted audience as well as other stakeholders. The five W’s for successful event planning and management include what, why, who, where and when. What defines the type and scope of the event. Why identifies the objective of the event. Who defines the audience of the event. Where identifies the venue or location of the event. When identifies the time the event will occur. The main idea behind the 5W’s is to match the event concept with the target audience. They capture the event’s big idea, a summary projection of the event, expected outcomes or key performance indicators, the profit plan, timelines for both marketing and communication and success keys.
Events are used as marketing tools to create both national and international awareness of an economic, political, educational or environmental aspect of development. The net benefits to both the local inhabitants of the venue and the visitors includes exposure to different cultures and positive investments in disaster risk reduction through cultural diversity hence creating new risk landscape in terms of terrorism awareness and positive outlooks towards the product and service benefits.

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