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Impacts of Victimization on Women Management Assignment (Essay Sample)


Impacts of Victimization on Women
When a crime occurs, the effects are rarely temporary or isolated. Primary victims suffer immediate consequences, but they may also experience lingering physical and psychological issues related to the crime. They often participate in trials and court hearings, which can be lengthy ordeals that consume large amounts of victims' time, energy, and resources. Victims also may have difficulty coping even after the entire process is over.


Impact of Victimization on Women
Impact of Victimization on Women
One potential short-term impact of abuse on Jaycee Dugard is physical trauma. Her body could have been bruised, cut, bleeding, soreness, or even her virginal area could have been injured during the sexual assault. Another immediate effect of the abuse of Dugard include shock, fear or disbelief. Dugard felt afraid after her attacker abused her because she was young and had never had any sexual intimacy with a man. The violence nature of the abuse may have left her shocked and afraid for her life (CNN Wire Staff, 2011). Another immediate effect of the abuse is having feelings of isolation. Dugard may have felt isolated because she was afraid that her mother may no longer want her after the abuse or may have not been searching for her. She may have felt lonely and believed that no one would want to help her (McKinley & Pogash, 2009).
The potential long-term effect of the abuse on Jaycee Dugard is depression, guilt, shame, and self-blame. Depression can occur because Dugard may find it difficult to internalize the abuse and start to think negatively about herself. After years of negative thoughts, the victim may begin to feel worthless and feeling guilty that she may have provoked the abuse. Another long-term effect of abuse on Dugard is stress and anxiety even after the abuse has stopped. For example, Dugard claims that she still feels insecure around strangers because she was kidnapped and abused by a stranger (McKinley & Pogash, 2009). Dugard may also suffer from dissociation to safeguard

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