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Human Resource Management Theories and Theoretical Models (Essay Sample)


1. Briefly describe the Sponsor Organization / unit(s) of the Sponsor Organization relevant to the Project.
HEA GARDEN HK Restaurant is a Hong Kong-style tea restaurant located in Foshan, China. The restaurant is located in the most popular business district in Foshan and has 22 employees (20 full-time and 2 part-time). Customer loyalty is very high, a large part of the customers are regular customers.
2. Briefly explain the nature and the scope of the project problem(s) / issue(s).
Through a meeting with the boss, we got a general idea of the whole restaurant. We have learned that one of the main problems of the restaurant at present is the internal management of staff. Due to the large number of staff and scattered job assignment, the company has not established a standard management process and system, which leads to the low efficiency of staff management. In addition, it also leads to high management cost, accounting for nearly half of the investment of the whole company. Therefore, we hope to help the boss to improve the efficiency of internal personnel management and reduce the input of personnel management cost.
Our intended topic is human resources recruitment/development/retention. The background information of the restaurant is in ONE-page PROJECT DESCRIPTION. This document(MScBM_Capstone Project) is what the whole project requires us to do. Now I need you to help me finish the page 10 --- 5. Preparing the Project Proposal.(If you don't find it, I will give you a screenshot and highlight this)
One of the requirement is Relevant academic theories and theoretical models to be included in the Final Written Report.( To find the academic theories and theoretical models for our project)
If you have other questions, please contact me.


Human Resource Management
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Human Resource Management Theories and Theoretical Models
Human Resource Management Theories
The management of a restaurant business requires a strategic management approach to ensure employees' high-performance levels and low management costs. Modern management systems and the process are necessary for the business to realize a return on investment and raise each employee's productivity (Salaman et al., 2005). Many theories and models have been advanced by different theorists about human resource management. In HEA GARDEN HK restaurant, we will focus on human capital theory, contingency theory, and the humanistic model.
Human capital is key to business performance and growth. It refers to the abilities and qualities of people that make them productive. The restaurant can employ workers with specialized training and education in hotel management and the food business. This begins at the recruitment level; the internal management in recruitment should employ workers with a specialized skill set, which is significant to the business's growth. They should be able to recruit a team that will offer specialized services with high efficiency. Human capital management strategies lead to productivity and profitability outcomes. Management can develop staff performance evaluation criteria to assess the output of each employee. Those with a high-performance level and deemed good for business can be retained. With very low output, redundant ones can be laid off as a means to revamp their workforce and cut management costs. The division of labor and specialization approach can be integrated into the human capital theory to ensure that each employee is well equipped in terms of knowledge of what they are expected to do. This will raise the performance of each employee (Bratton & Gold, 2017).
Contingency theory influences the innovative practices of small businesses. This theory states that to be effective, a workgroup must vary along a different degree of formality and structure in its organization in direct proportion to the ce

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