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HLS 6070 DF9 Assignment: UN World Food Organization (Essay Sample)


Role Play - Assisting USAID and the UN World Food Organization
Let's imagine that our class has been hired as a GIS consulting team to assist USAID and the UN World Food Organization. Our task is to outline a GIS solution architecture that could help answer the following question: In the coming years, where are the most likely locations in the world where USAID and the WFO may need to deploy emergency food aid and disease tracking and management? USAID wants to be able to stage resources in advance. So, the discussion question for this week is . . . What do we believe are the most valuable COMBINATIONS of data layers that will make high-risk locations "jump out" when viewed on a map? Be creative. Think BEYOND what was done by GIS operators during Katrina and think BEYOND what was presented in the video.


As part of the team that is consulting for both USAID and WHO with regard to food security, there are quite a number of aspects that could be established with reference to data layers for a sustainable approach on the same. One of the aspects that could be looked at is that of the climatic changes relative to the time and place of reference. Using GIS tools, it is possible to establish the various patterns that are associated with climate changes (Mason, 2016). With reference to the rain patterns, cloud and isolation patterns, it is possible to establish areas that are going to be affected by aspects such as floods and drought among others. This is crucial to the planning committee on food relief.
One other aspect to be considered other than the climate changes is the spatial agricultural patterns (Zaleski, 2016). Using GIS tools, it is easy to map out areas across the globe that are highly productive and those that are not doing so well. This can be done to establish the areas that will require food relief in advance. Using the spatial data, analysts will be in a position to establish the drought patterns that will indicate the areas that are struggling (GIS Lounge, 2016).
One other aspect that is going to be handy in establishing areas that would be easily hit by drought and therefore require food relief in the future is through the soil mapping data. Using this data, it is possible for the researchers to establish areas that are highly eroded and where the soil composition is indicative of low productivity (GIS People, 2016). Using such data, it is therefore possible to establish specific areas that will require food relief interventions to reduce impacts of drought. This is crucial data and will help in establishing preventive plans, which can be used by WHO and USAID globally.
GIS Lounge,. (2016). Basic Uses of GIS ~ GIS Lounge. GIS Lounge. Retrieved ...
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