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Health-policy making Management Essay Research Paper (Essay Sample)


Health administrators are stakeholders in health-policy making. What are some roles that a health administrator can play in this process? Cite the literature to support your discussion.
2 sources should be cited


Health-policy making
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Health-policy making
The health policymaking process involves the planning, development, and implementation of programs that are made to improve the quality of health for people (Doyle, 2019). Health policies and laws aimed at keeping people safe and healthy. In the health sector, they are many shareholders who are involved in policy-making processes (M. Deguit, 2017). These stakeholders include the government, private organizations, the public, healthcare providers, and health administrators. Health administrators usually have a lasting impact on the improvement of health systems in organizations (M. Deguit, 2017). In many organizations, health administrators play significant roles in policymaking processes.

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