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Hazard Analysis Operating Electric Forklifts In Narrow Aisles (Essay Sample)


Hazard Analysis
Your boss has asked you to investigate these operations and tasks that he feels have a significant potential for injury in the manufacturing plant:
Operating electric forklifts in narrow aisles.
Repairing the hydraulic system on the gas-powered forklift.
Operating the large sheet metal shear.
For each of the three tasks, do the following:
Identify a minimum of two (or three) hazards of the operation and the injuries that could result from exposure to them.
Determine the control measures that would eliminate the identified hazards or reduce the risk (severity and/or probability) of injury. Be sure to consider all levels in the hierarchy of controls.
Analyze the effectiveness of each control measure by assessing the risks before and after the control is implemented.
Provide your recommendations for which control measures should be implemented and why you chose them.
Your submission must be a minimum of two pages, not including title and reference pages, and follow APA guidelines. All sources used, including the textbook, must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citations.


Hazard Analysis
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Operating electric forklifts in narrow aisles
Electric forklifts use lead-powered batteries, which could result in acid spills on the operators (Sarupuri, Lee & Billinghurst, 2016). The acid spills could, in turn, result in serious injuries on the operator's body. The occurrence of this hazard can be avoided by ensuring that the batteries are regularly checked. These checks include the charging and changing of the batteries whenever necessary. It is necessary to note that huge loads drain the batteries faster as compared to lightweights. Hence, with the proper battery management plan, this hazard can be avoided. Before implementing a proper battery management plan, the acid could spill out hence harming the operators while through the proper management, such accidents will be minimized. It is therefore advisable to have the battery checked before operating it.
As well, the electric forklifts can result to the hazard of fire in the event whereby an employee light up a cigarette in the battery charging zone. To avoid this hazard, employees should be warned about the danger of smoking in that zone or lighting any kind of fire. The hydrogen gas produced while charging the batteries is highly flammable. Hence, banning smoking in that zone could best prevent the occurrence of this hazard.
Repairing the hydraulic system on the gas-powered forklift
In the case of a liquified gas forklift, spilled hydraulic oil can result in falls of the repair team hence causing serious injuries on them (Sarupuri, Lee

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