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Getting Ready to Speak: Effective communication (Essay Sample)


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Getting Ready to Speak
Effective communication of ideas is a critical component for successful communication. However, when in public domain speakers are likely to develop anxiety. Public speaking fear is one of the most common phobias that individuals are likely to experience; usually, this type of fear may be exhibited in the form of slight nervousness, and sometimes it can result to panic attacks. In most cases, people try avoiding fright by struggling with anxiety and sometimes by avoiding public speaking. This paper will examine how people should present themselves to the audience and the kind of impression they should leave on the audience.
When giving speeches, different strategies help to overcome fear. When I last presented a speech, I first ensured that I was organized; this helped in avoiding anxiety and was achieved by proper planning where I made sure that all the key points were clearly outlined. Additionally, I made sure I was conversant

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