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Foundations Of Servant Leadership: Professional Attributes Of Management (Essay Sample)


Discuss the traits, behaviors, and leadership style you would expect to see in a person who identifies as a servant leader. In your response, include discussion about the following.
1. In what ways can servant leadership be considered a vocation?
2. When people commit to being servant leaders, what does that mean about the types of behaviors they exhibit and prohibit personally and within the organizations they are leading?
3. How does servant leadership differ from traditional forms of leadership?


Servant Leadership
Servant Leadership
Servant leadership is a vocational element in the professional attributes of management. This is to mean that, a servant leader has to be dedicated to what it is that they do. It involves great sacrifice to be good listener, provide healing, be aware, persuade the other team players, have great foresight, conceptualize, be a good steward, commitment to the growth of others and even build community along with the organization (Podsada, 2017). It is this level of commitment to helping other achieve their personal and professional goals that brings about out the benefits of being a servant leader. One has to be in a position to come to the level of the rest of the staff to understand their struggles to better encourage them to grow.
The servant leader leads by an example and they have to involve the rest of the team in the decision t...
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