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Flight Schedule Development and Control Management Essay (Essay Sample)


Because of the complexity of airline flight operations, every airline relies on a suite of software applications to assist in planning and management. Sabre is one software vendor. Access the Sabre/Airline Solutions (Links to an external site.) website, then select Resource and Product Profiles. Under the three categories of Marketing & Planning, Customer Sales & Service, and Enterprise, you will find many individual software applications.
Choose one or two related applications. Study the descriptions and relate your findings to the following discussion question.
Briefly describe what problem the software helps in solving, how it does so and where the application fits within the operations management flow.
Is it planning or a tactical execution application?


Flight Schedule Development and Control
Flight Schedule Development and Control
Airline flight operations and planning are quite complex to manage. This therefore explains why every other airline has now reverted to using sophisticated technology in form of software applications meant to aid in the planning and management process. Amongst the well-known airline software vendors is Sabre, which deals with many different software applications to help in solving various problems. Based on this therefore, this paper discusses two applications and these are, Sabre AirCentre Flight Plan Manager and Sabre AirCentre Flight Explorer.
The application Sabre AirCentre Flight Plan Manager is a type of technology that used in simplifying workflows and hence improving the operational efficiency. It achieves this through a number of ways. For instance, the application uses mobile technology that makes quicker communication possible. Faster communication means that operators and dispatchers can take important actions in time hence improving the efficiency of the airlines AirCentre Flight Plan Manager equally solves the problem of operational costs whereby it reduces these costs through flight plans that are highly optimized (Sabre, 2015). 

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