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Five Practices of Leadership Management Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


Choose a leader from your personal experience and discuss how they did, or did not, reflect the Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership. (Be specific) Then give me examples of how you are, or are not, reflecting those practices in your own leadership and how you plan to grow stronger in the use of the Five Practices personally. Please use APA 7th Edition for this project. Thanks for your support.


Exemplary Practices of Leadership
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Exemplary Practices of Leadership
Effective leadership is a fundamental component of any business or country that is keen on success for the foreseeable future. Effective leadership is characterized by charismatic individuals who not only have the vision but are also determined on leaving a mark in all the areas they are tasked to oversee. For instance, leaders who are mainly involved in running the affairs of a country usually have a manifesto that includes all the various objectives that they purpose to achieve in the course of their reign. The manifesto is basically a document that highlights their key performance indicators and will either make or break their leadership records. It is also vital to note that effective leaders have a set of “ideal” characteristics that distinguishes them from others. These include aspects such as effective communication, integrity and accountability. Additionally, while there are good leaders who exhibit all the above attributes there are others who are exceptional and remain memorable for years on end. These types of leaders are renowned because they showcase most if not all the practices of exemplary leadership. On the contrary, there are also bad leaders who not only lack the ideal leadership attributes but their reigns are often catastrophic. One notable leader in this regard is Adolf Hitler. The essay purposes to highlight how Hitler failed to exhibit the five practices of exemplary leadership and the manner in which I plan to mold my leadership traits in line with these practices

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