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Financial Analysis and Generic Consultant's Letter (Essay Sample)


Read case first, then You will be required to submit a 2-page essay. For the first page, you need to do a comprehensive financial analysis for this case. For the second page, you need to do a “Consultant’s Letter” of approximately 300 words summarizing your position. A sample “Consultant’s Letter” is attached, just put the information and your opinion into the sample. Remember do not to use any references from other article!


Financial Analysis and Generic Consultant’s Letter
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Financial Analysis and Generic Consultant’s Letter
Comprehensive Financial Analysis
Tesla Motors is one of the automotive companies that deal with the sale and distribution of electric vehicles and related components. The company’s CEO, Elon Musk, needs to formulate effective strategies to thrive in the highly competitive automotive industry. Over the years, the company has only focused on selling its products directly to the consumers as a way of promoting its brand. Tn 2012, the company introduced Tesla Model S as one of the all-electric five-door liftback locomotives. The new model was the first electric car that emerged at the top of monthly new car sales in 2013.
The Model S is one of the current Standard automotive in production. Tesla Motors Inc. introduced the product in 2012 to meet the demand from customers. The product had the highest battery option that would serve customers for a distance of 265 miles in a single charge. Arguably, it was one of the highest achievement for the company. However, the company managed to post its first proceeds of $11.2 million during the first quarter of 2013. In the future, the top executives anticipate that Tesla Motors will become one of the independent automakers in the market.
Tesla Motors Inc. produces outstanding products at a friendly price that suit the needs of consumers. The company’s stock has grown over the years because of the increasing sales volume. Arguably, the impressive increase in stock price can be a surprise to the investors because of the c

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