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Final Project Victimology: Domestic Violence (Essay Sample)


Final Project
For the Final Project, you provide an in-depth analysis of victimization. Select a crime that has been publicized in the media and contains one main victim to use for your Final Project. You apply the concepts studied throughout this course to provide an in-depth analysis of the victimization in the crime.
The Final Project should be 10–12 pages, not including the title page and references.
Refer to the Final Project Guidelines in this week's Resources for detailed instructions.
Support your Final Project with specific references to all resources used in its preparation. You are to provide a reference list for all resources, including those in the Learning Resources for this course.
When using sources to support your ideas, it is important to remember to try and use sources that are no older than five years. Sources that are older than five years have a high probability of no longer being relevant due to changes in research and or paradigm shifts.
Davis, R. C., Lurigio, A. J., & Herman, S. (Eds.). (2013). Victims of crime (4th ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.


Final Project Victimology
Final Project Victimology
Crime takes various forms and can either be violent or nonviolent although in both cases it is punishable by law. Violent crime is the type of offense that involves the use of force to threaten or inflict physical harm on an individual. These types of crimes include, but are not limited to, rape, domestic violence and murder. In the United States, cases of domestic violence are on the rise with a majority of the spouses suffering in the hands of their partners. Notably, when it comes to this type of violence the women end up being the victims, although this does not ignore the fact that in a few cases the men become victims too. This brings in the idea of gender-based violence because various researches have supported the fact that the majority of the victims of this crime are the women. In the present case, a young woman by the name Charlotte Rooks was a victim of such violence that was perpetrated by her partner Craig Thomas. Just like in many other cases, the relationship began with her partner acting so caring and concerned. However, after moving in together the abuses began and involved the infliction of pain in various forms. For instance, Charlotte was forced to sleep while standing up, was constantly punched, and made to eat pictures of her loved ones that had long died, was stabbed and exposed to numerous other forms of torture. All this was done while she was pregnant, a fact that did not prevent Thomas from repeatedly stumping on her stomach. Even with this being termed the worst case of domestic violence, Charlotte was afraid to seek for help due to the fear that her family, particularly her son would be harmed or killed. She was also trying to be cautious not to offend the perpetrator so that whatever help he was giving her would not be withdrawn. Inarguably, Charlotte's case is a typical representation of what usually happens to most women who are battered by their partners. A majority of women choose to suffer in silence because threats are made on their lives or those of their loved ones or because they need some kind of support from the perpetrator of the crime. Choosing silence gives the perpetrators more power because they feel they have total control over the other person's life. Gender-based domestic violence is the worst form of crime that can lead to lifetime injuries and even death.
In domestic violence, there is reason to believe that gender plays a major role in the vulnerability of the victim. For instance, Joro (2016) points out that the primary perpetrators of domestic violence are men while the primary victims of the same are the women. Nevertheless, the study also considers that there are a good number of male victims, but show reluctance to report such cases. According to the research, the issue of gender and gender roles define what the men and women in society are expected to do, and how they are supposed to carry themselves. Traditionally, men are associated with the roles of being the providers, protectors and they own property. On the other hand, women are expected to be dependent on the man, to be a nurturer and show great obedience. These gender roles usually result in men thinking that women are part of their property and because they view women in this objective way, they feel that women have no rights of their own. For this reason, most men revert to violence when their authority is questioned or anything else about their lives. In relation to the above case, this is very true considering that the perpetrator, Thomas, is said to have taken advantage of Charlotte because he was providing for her and even helped to pay for her rent and other bills. He saw torture as the best way to make her pay for all he had spent on her without considering...

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