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Final Biographical Essay. Focus on your educational experience. (Essay Sample)


Length: Three to five-page educational biographical essay

The essay should focus on your educational experience. Imagine you are writing your autobiography, but in this case you are only writing one chapter of that book, the chapter that deals with your education.
I would suggest that you begin your educational experience with middle school or high school and end with college. If there were breaks in your educational experience, account for them.
In writing the essay you could think about what you liked and disliked about school, who helped you with assignments/homework, who were your friends, did you have a favorite teacher, what role your parents and siblings played, and what would you have liked to have done differently and why. You should conclude your essay with what you hope to accomplish educationally— a “road map.”
im an international student from Angola I never was a A student but I always do my best... I came to USA in 2015, I went to NESE for 1 year learning English then I start Cambridge college in 2016 the beginning of college was very confuse for me but now im getting on the tracks...


Educational Biography
Educational Biography
Coming to the US in 2015 was one of the highlights of my life. Never in a thousand years did I ever imagine I would board a plane, to another city in my country Angola, leave alone fly across the Atlantic into the world’s most sought after nation, The United States of America. The memory is still so fresh in my mind, on that particular day when my parents broke the news to me, that I would be spending the next years of my life abroad. That kind of feeling was one I have never experienced, and it has remained with me from that day. Back home, to have an opportunity to study and start a life abroad is one many people my age would wish for and this was a chance I did not take for granted. It is even rare when that opportunity presents itself in the United States of America. I have always been a proud child of The Motherland (the way we refer to our beloved continent Africa). 

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