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Fallowership and leadership 2 questions. Management Essay (Essay Sample)


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Bennis and Thomas (2002) suggest that leaders, and leadership behaviors, can emerge in individuals after they experience a “crucible” event in their lives—which could be either traumatic or very positive. After reading the article, respond in your Learning journal to the following questions: (1) Have you experienced such a “crucible event” in your life, and has it had any impact on your leadership, or followership behaviors? (2) If you have not had such an experience, have you witnessed it in others directly (professionally or personally)?
Crucibles of Ledrship
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Given Johnson’s perspectives on the importance of good followership, respond to the following questions in your Learning journal: (1) in what ways are you an exemplary follower? (2) In what ways are you not a good follower, and what can you do to improve your followership behaviors?
Good Followership


Followership and Leadership
Followership and Leadership
Adversity and good opportunities are both necessary factors in the creation of a true leader. Knowing exactly how to deal with difficulties and bouncing back after a negative situation is a great determinant of a real leader. With this in mind, I had the opportunity to witness a person who went through such kind of a crucible event that later on transformed his life.
Specifically, I witnessed this through my neighbor and family friend Mr. John Cheng who had just migrated into the United States from China and got a job working as a cashier at a local company. At the time, the white population dominated the company and given the cultural differences between Americans and Chinese people, Cheng had a very difficult time adapting to the environment. 

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