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Describe Factors Influencing Victimization of Women (Essay Sample)


Any woman—and, indeed, any person—can be a victim of a crime. Certain factors, however, may put some women at higher risk of victimization than others. Consider, for example, socioeconomic status. A woman living in an impoverished neighborhood may be more likely to be a victim of burglary or assault than a woman living in a gated community.


Factors Influencing Women Victimization
Factors Influencing Women Victimization
Socioeconomic status refers to the social status or class that an individual or group holds. Socioeconomic status is commonly measured in relation to education, income, as well as occupation. Basically, when evaluating a group or family socioeconomic status, the household income and also education are examined including their combined income. For an individual socioeconomic status, it is only one’s personal attributes that are assessed (Collective & Jones, 2009). However, socioeconomic status is generally used to represent an economic difference in the society as a whole. According to Bhattacharjee and Banda (2016), taking a close examination of socioeconomic status reveals inequalities in regards to access to resources, including issues that relate to privilege, power, and control.
Generally, socioeconomic status is one of the factors that can influence victimization against women in the society. One reason why socioeconomic status can influence victimization of women occurs when such women have low incomes or live in poverty. For example, when a woman without an income is married and the husband becomes abusive, she is unable to leave and stand on her own. Such a woman would have to endure the abuse because of her dependence on her husband despite the abuse. Bhattacharjee and Banda (2016) argues that women with low incomes and with less educa

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