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Discussion 1: External Groups: Working with Legislatures, Overhead Agencies, and Special Interest Groups (Essay Sample)


One Page for Discussion 1: External Groups: Working with Legislatures, Overhead Agencies, and Special Interest Groups.
One Page for Discussion 2: Cultural Competence in Public Administration


External Environment
External Environment
As a manager, there are quite a number of challenges associated with dealing with the external influences such as the legislative bodies, interest groups and even the overhead agencies. All of these groups have influences in the way a company conducts business (Siering & Svesson, 2012). As manager, it is crucial that one has a set of remedies for the influences in a manner that observes the interest of the company without compromising on the relationship with the external groups.
One of the approaches that a manager has to use is effective communication. It is important that the manager is able to make the concise choice of communicating effectively with external parties to avoid misconceptions that may compromise the operations of the company within the community where it operates (Cohen & Heikkila, 2013). This requires a proactive approach to ensure the success of the communication. It is crucial the approach is made with the political environment in mind as these are elements that could easily affect the platform upon which the manager uses to reach out to the stakeholders (Cohen & Heikkila, 2013). Providing a fluid environment and maintaining control of the information shared is crucial. There is also need for the manager to create internal cohesion, through building on the trust within with transformational leadership approaches (Northouse, 2016). This ensures that internally, the company is able to handle external pressure at the individual le

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