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Event Management: Wyoming Cowboys' Football Games (Essay Sample)


For the first time in 2016, J.D. Power conducted a fan experience study to measure fan satisfaction at major pro sporting events. Chicago is the closest market to the University of Iowa that was analyzed in the study. Surprisingly, J.D. Power unveiled that the Chicago White Sox are most successful in Chicago in delivering a strong fan experience to fans (“Fan Experience Study (2017): Chicago”, 2017) (Strotman, 2017).

The J.D. Power study does not analyze college football. However, attendance at college football games across the country is declining (Dodd, 2018). While Hawkeye Athletics has maintained attendance levels at football games in recent years (Morehouse, 2018), there is value to Hawkeye Athletics learning from the J.D. Power study and following industry trends to enhance the fan experience at Kinnick Stadium.

After reading the sources referenced in the essay prompt, provide recommendations to Hawkeye Athletics on how to enhance the fan experience at Kinnick Stadium to maintain, and hopefully increase, attendance at Iowa football games for years to come. Your response should be a minimum of 30 lines of text using 12 point Times New Roman font and 1 inch margins. Also, two outside sources (other than the textbook and articles mentioned in the essay prompt) must be referenced and cited using APA format.


Event Management
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Recommendations to Hawkeye Athletics on how to enhance the fan experience at Kinnick Stadium to maintain, and hopefully increase, attendance at Iowa football games for years to come.
During the previous years, the University of Iowa's athletic director did nothing extraordinary to enhance fans' game day experience at the Wyoming Cowboys' football games. First of all, I'd like to recommend them to barcode the tickets and open more stadium gates to ensure speed entry. That will allow the game-lovers to enter the stadium from any gate, without any issue, and at a fast speed. It has been observed that most of the gates remain closed, and fans find it difficult to locate a nearby, open gate. They also need to provide lots of space for parking and unique shuttle services. That is because when the people reach the stadium, they sometimes complain about no parking or limited parking area. Eventually, they decide to return home and enjoy the game on television. That can impact the business entirely, so they must allocate sufficient space for parking and should hire security guards who can look after the vehicles in the absence of their owners. Discounts for flying the Cowboys' flag should also be available. It looks like the athletic director will soon add over 70 accessible parking spaces and expand the stadium from inside to accommodate more and more people. While doing so, they should not forget that there is a strong need to improve concession facilities as well

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