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Ensuring That Meeting Lead to Action Management Essay (Essay Sample)


Think back to a recent meeting you attended that was not effective. A good meeting planner can overcome this inertia by performing four steps:
*Assign specific tasks to specific people.
*Review all actions and responsibilities at the end of the meeting.
*Provide a meeting summary with assigned deliverables included.
*Follow up on action items in a reasonable time (Barrett, 2014, p. 303-304).
Explain each of these steps and describe how each step could be implemented to improve the meeting’s effectiveness. Be sure to clearly articulate the strategy to resolve the conflict.
Here are some questions to consider when writing your paper: (not required)
Who called the meeting?
What was it about?
Was there an agenda?
Was the purpose of the meeting accomplished?
After the meeting, were minutes distributed that outlined tasks and deadlines?
During the meeting, what role did you play all or most of the time (leader, scribe, facilitator, etc.)?
What could have been done to make the meeting more effective?
Refer to this week’s readings for more information on the four steps. Your paper should be 3-4 pages in length, conform to CSU-Global Guide to Writing & APA (Links to an external site.), and include appropriate references. The CSU-Global library is a great place to locate these resources. Refer to the rubric for grading details.


Effective Meeting
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Effective Meeting
Holding meetings is a common practice in a business environment or corporate setting. They typically take place whenever there are critical issues to discuss or when there is a piece of new information and knowledge to deliver to individuals. While some organizations only hold meetings when it is necessary, others have regular schedules of meetings that form a work routine, possibly to give updates on progress made on previous assignments (Osborne & Hammoud, 2017). Some gatherings, however, have failed to achieve critical deliverables because of the lack of focus on essential aspects. For a meeting to succeed by leading to actions, therefore, a good planner is guided by specific critical steps.
Assigning Tasks to People
Occasionally, meetings fail to achieve set goals because of the lack of clear-cut roles and tasks assigned to individuals. Every member becomes uncertain about the specific duty they should perform to ensure the success of their meeting. People should be adequately informed at the time of sending a notification for a meeting, 

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