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Elderly Individuals: Challenges In Environment (Essay Sample)


For this discussion, select a special population from the list below or one with which you are familiar. Please do not select the homeless as your special population. Examine the type of crimes to which they are most vulnerable, the likelihood they will report victimization, and the criminal justice system's response.
Special Populations:
Pregnant women
Elderly individuals
Individuals with deafness
Individuals with blindness
Individuals with limited mobility
Individuals in rural settings
Individuals with mental illness


Elderly Individuals
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Elderly Individuals
In every society, there are a number of old people referred to as elderly individuals. Most of the people in this category experience many challenges in the environment which they are living in. This can be due to the conditions of their body health since their muscles have become weak because of old age, thus making them vulnerable to malicious people who can do anything to them regardless of their age or situation.
The elderly people are exposed to various crimes such as robbery or mugging. Stealing from the aged people is common since they cannot be able to physically defend themselves because they have weak bodies. Others are exposed to rape and sexual harassment especially when the aged or elderly individual resides alone. Some of the offenders go to an exten

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