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Effective Communication: Epic Manufactures (Essay Sample)


watch the video MGMT2100 Case


Effective Communication
Executive Summary
Effective communication has been credited for the success of many organizations globally. The below case study of Epic Manufactures and the management case on YouTube used to make the below report echoes the above statement as they both describe organizations that are failing because of a lack in effective communication. It is observed that lack of good communication leads to employees who do not know of the definite roles in the firm and the organization having unapproachable managers which leads to ineffectiveness as the subordinate cannot voice their ideas, opinions, or solutions. This report concludes that effective communication is a prerequisite for company success and recommends Epic Manufactures to use direct communication, spelling it out and assess communication level tactics to improve on communication. The existing business and organization environment is robust and more diverse than before and hence this report also recommend on organizations keeping up with the emerging trends and to avoid being left behind by other firms utilizing efficient methods that are discovered daily.
Corporates and organizations are competing globally for the best talents to run and drive their daily functions. Organizations realize employees are essential investments and to success and gain a competitive advantage in the market, they have to not get the best talents but also have a workable formula of maintaining and sustaining the same. The above process then begins with the business leaders and the managers who oversee the rest. Hence, success culture has to start from the top and this effect will affect everyone as it flows both down from management and up from the subordinate. Although there are many aspects and factors to consider for the success of an organization in today's environment, communication is a vital factor and ignoring it could lead to severe implications to the firm. An organization ought to have effective communication. The communication process that is implemented well in an organization will help the business leaders and managers to carry out the basic functions of management that are controlling, motivating, organization, and planning. Communication makes possible for managers to not only implement vision but also carry out the organization's strategy. This paper aims to look at communication in an organization based on the results of the survey made from management and employees of Epic Manufacturing Pty Ltd. The survey carried out was meant to measure the type and level communication that is in the Epic Manufacturing Pty Ltd and the report below is to expound on the survey, analyses the results and give recommendations to the firm in regards to poor communication inhibited in the firm.
According to Whitener et al. (1998), there is a close link between management and communication. Communication is the process through which information is exchanged from one person to the other. In an organization, the management roles depend on effective communication. That is, managers need to receive and retrieve accurate information for them to make accurate plans, which are feasible. Everyone in the organization becomes informed when information is sent correctly and received accurately. The opposite is also true as when information is sent the wrong way there is a chance of misinterpretation and this can lead to major problems in the organization. To be in a position to lead others and to actually lead one needs to demonstrate effective communication skills. Lacking in these communication skills will make the manager incompetent as there is no ability to implement the organization's objectives and they will also struggle to make the worker follow them. Effective communication...

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