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Discussion 6: Training And Staff Development (Essay Sample)


As organizations become more diverse and globally connected, it is important to ensure that training is designed and delivered to meet companies' strategic objectives, regardless of location. It is also important to be aware of cultural differences when delivering training and development, along with aligning to strategic goals and objectives. What are some ways in which organizations can ensure that this is done properly? In addition, explain obstacles that organizations may encounter when addressing different cultures in training and development.


Discussion 6: Training and Staff Development
Training and Staff Development
An effective training and development program has to take into consideration the cultural differences amongst its employees. One way to achieve this is by looking at the ways through which trust is built and criticism provided in the various cultures (Alberto & Ana 2008). Any workplace is impacted the most by these two factors since every culture has its own way of addressing this, and thus it would be necessary for the organization to look into it. In addition, the method of delivery also has to be considered by the organization since some cultures prefer and benefit more when an individual approach is used while others may gain more from collaborative training in groups.
Organizations may encounter several obstacles when addressing different cultures in training and development. Communication is one major obstacle whereby if it i

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