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Data Collection Techniques And Conceptual Framework Management Essay (Essay Sample)


The task for the Module 3 SLP assignment is to write a 3- to 4-page that addresses the following items:
Review chosen initial research problem, and revise (as needed) the research questions for the qualitative component of the mixed methods mini-study. Align the research questions in scope and content to the selected research methodology.
Describe the data collection technique(s) that will be uses in the “mini” research study to explore the research problem and collect information about the research questions. Also, develop a protocol for a semi-structured interview.
Develop the questionnaire items (close end),
Remember: This Session Long Project is a “mini” research project addressing only the “qualitative” aspects of the mixed methods used to study the research problem. The sample population may be small so that the data collection and analysis can be managed over the remaining modules.
Submit a table that shows the sample and data and analyze the data.
SLP Assignment Expectations
Merge the Module 3 SLP essay to the revised/edited Module 1 and 2 SLP essays and submit to together as a cohesive unit. Follow the APA format and style requirements. Include an APA-formatted reference list. Include an introductory paragraph that states the purpose of the Module 3 SLP assignment.
This assignment MUST BE formatted per APA Sixth Edition guidelines. Be sure to use APA formatted headings to mark the beginning of each module section. This assignment is to reflect an application of scholarly literature and written in a scholarly manner.


Mini-Mixed Methods Research Study
Institutional Affiliation
Mini-Mixed Methods Research Study
This section is more about expounding on the research and aligning it with the research methodology. I am also going to describe the data collection techniques that will be used to research the problem and collect information concerning the research questions. Finally, development of the protocols for the semi-structured interview and development of the close-ended questionnaire items
The reviewed Research Question
As noted earlier, it is clear that healthcare institutions have a tough financial management and yet how they pay for the equipment they purchase or service is not well known. As a result, the study hoped to cover the following research question: What is Influence of Financial Management Strategies on the Provision of Services by Healthcare Organizations? To be able to answer this research question effectively, it is important to know the financial management strategies and the services hospitals offer and how the two are interlinked. 

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