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Data Collection Techniques And Conceptual Framework Management Essay(1) (Essay Sample)


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In the Module 3 Case Assignment, demonstrate understanding of the concept of conceptual framework of a qualitative study, examine qualitative research questions, and distinguish data collection techniques used to collect information about the qualitative research problem.
Before starting this assignment please view these short videos:
Process: Conceptual Framework (HD)
Mixed Methods Research: The Basics
Case Assignment
Read background materials provided, as well as articles found during a literature search, to identify address the requirements:
Please research and find an article that will answer the following. Be sure to submit the article along with the written essay. This article must be able to answer the following:
Identify the research problem and research questions of the study, and within the context of the selected study's methodology, discuss the appropriateness of alignment (between selected methodology and research problem/questions).
Identify the sample population and describe the sampling technique(s) employed. Within the context
of the study's methodology, discuss appropriateness of alignment (between selected methodology and sample population).
Describe the study variables or central phenomena to be explored.
Identify and describe the appropriateness of the data collection techniques used in the study.
Critically reflect on the study's design and evaluate its conceptual framework. Provide compelling content from the literature to support the conclusions.
Assignment Expectations
The document should be 4–5 pages long and demonstrate or include the following:
High-level understanding of the required background reading
Graduate level written communication to include an appropriate introduction and conclusion, clear and coherent structure, proper grammar and word usage.
Application of required background reading in responding to assignment requirements.
Responses must be based on scholarly material, such as peer-reviewed articles, white papers, technical papers, etc. Do not include information from non-scholarly materials such as Wikis, encyclopedias, www(dot)freearticles(dot)com (or similar websites).
The assignment, references, and citations must be consistent and formatted per the guidelines addressed in the APA Sixth Edition.


Data Collection Techniques and Conceptual Framework
The research problem and research questions
The research article, “A Different Weight Loss Experience: A Qualitative Study Exploring the Behavioral, Physical, and Psychosocial Changes Associated with Yoga That Promotes Weight Loss” by Ross et al. (2015). The study focuses on the issue of obesity that has proven difficult for most people to deal with. Obesity is a serious health risk that results in medical costs amounting to $147 billion annually. There are some causes of obesity, but health professionals cite reduced physical activity, poor eating habits, and stress (Soeliman & Azadbakht, 2014). While it is a situation that can be managed, several people strive to overcome it due to lack of knowledge on the way to go about reducing their weight or unwillingness to try. It is necessary that people find a way of reducing their weight. The weight loss method employed should be both enjoyable and encouraging. To ensure that they could expound on the experience of losing weight through yoga, the researchers sought to answer the following research question: “what is the experience of individuals who have lost weight and believe that yoga practice contributed to this weight loss?” By addressing this research question, the authors sought to address the shortcomings of previous studies on weight loss that have never been able to bring out clearly if weight loss was due to changes in the eating behaviors, psychological factors, increase in muscle mass, and/or increased physical activity.

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