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Cyber Bullying: How Desperate Their Children Are Until It Is Too Late (Essay Sample)


Week 8 Assignment
Final Project Introduction: Evolution of Cybercrimes. Order #00060948
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Final Project
For the Final Project, you provide an in-depth analysis of a cybercrime. You select a cybercrime to use for the Final Project in Week 8, where you review how this type of crime evolved, how it gained national attention, and how it was influenced by technology. As you continue your analysis of the cybercrime, you examine legislation, penalties, and how law enforcement might prevent and address the cybercrime.


Analysis of Cyber-Bullying
Analysis of Cyber-Bullying
Most parents do not have any idea of how desperate their children are until it is too late and something bad has happened to them. Most of the teenagers who have been bullied or have received some sort of harassment from their peers end up committing suicide. Beside suicides, tragic stories resulting from cyberbullying are becoming frequent not only in America but across the world. Cyberbullying victims are often impacted with intense psychological and emotional effects with most of the victims experiencing at least one or a combination of various feelings such as shame, embarrassment and isolation. In most cases, this results in tragic physical violence. The media has reported some of the most tragic and appalling incidents of cyber bullying. These media reports are alarming not only to parents, but also to educators and policy makers. Therefore, this project is aimed at providing parents, educators and policy makers an overview of cyber bullying. To begin the project, it is important to have a look at bullying before technological advancements and its relationship to cyber bullying.
In the past four decades, bullying in schools has increased and is linked to the rising homicide and suicide cases in most areas. Bullying is however not a behavior in school kids alone as it affects adults too. Scholars have argued that the motive of bullying is something that cannot be changed or corrected by the victims such sexual orientations, economic status, body size or even their color. A research that was conducted by “Fight the Crime Teen” explains that some of the primary cyber bullying motives revolves around having an interest in a certain gender, race, sexual orientation and appearance (Raskauskas, 2009). On the other hand, Safran and Safran (2008) utilize the Social Skills Deficit Model to assert that bullies engage in bullying activities so that they can remain or maintain their social statuses and power.
The schoolyard bullying is often conflicting in various characteristics across the grade levels. The elementary kids may engage in name calling as well as hitting each other while middle and high school students may take it to a different level due to the various opportunities such as cellular phones and access to the internet that are provided to them. Despite computers being used for the development of programs, they have the freedom of interacting with other sites.
Cyber Bullying
Immediately the teenagers were provided with the internet opportunity, they digitized their bullying. In the late 2000s, boys started leaking nudes of underage girls onto various social media platforms as a way of humiliating them. Additionally, collage videos of girls with humiliating captions were also leaked. These photos and videos were accompanied with homophobic comments. The victims ended up receiving rape and even death threats. In general, the technological advancements and evolutions are the foundation of cyber bullying. Cyber bullying takes place through the internet, cellular phones via text messages, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms. Hinduja and Patchin (2011), asserts that:
Kids have been bullying each other for generations. The latest generation, however, has been able to utilize technology to expand their reach and the extent of their harm. This phenomenon is being called cyberbullying, defined as: “willful and repeated harm inflicted through the use of computers, cell phones and other electronic devices.
Bullying has evolved from school fights to character assignation through the internet. The internet has no mercy, it has turned people into passive aggressors. It has given the...

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