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Current Event Report Management Essay Research Paper (Essay Sample)


Please see the attachements for requirements and sample report. Make sure to use single-space in one page.


Current Events in HRM Report MGI 301: Spring 2020 Due Dates: Per the syllabus, there will be three (3) required hardcopy reports due at the beginning of class on: 1. Current Event Report #1: W, Feb 12 2. Current Event Report #2: W, Mar 4 3. Current Event Report #3: W, Apr 1 Objective: To keep you, as a future business manager, in touch with current news, events and developments in human resource management (HRM). For purposes of this assignment, “current” is defined as occurring from November 1, 2019 until the due date of the assignment. Instructions: Using online media, business periodicals, or library resources, find an article that is related to human resource management. Format Requirements: Prepare a full, one-page, single-spaced, hardcopy report (Word document, 10 or 12- point font) on your news event to include the following format: Your name (last name, then first name) and assignment due date at top right-hand corner of page. [5 pts] Then, list the number/letter of each required item below, followed by the required information, and leave a blank line between questions: 1. HRM topic(s) covered by the news item (e.g., recruiting/selection, compensation, legal, etc.). [5 pts] 2. Source information (give full reference: article title, date, and author, source title, and URL if applicable). [5 pts] 3. Summary of the news item. [20 pts] 4. How the information/ideas discussed connects to HRM. [25 pts] Be specific and clear on how the information/ideas connects to at least one of the following: a. MGI 301 or other class learnings b. personal experience c. another HR-related article Note: This section should be approximately 200 words 5. Why this news item caught your interest. [15 pts] 6. What you learned from the news item. This could include something that was completely new to you (e.g., a new concept or definition), something in the article that inspired you, or something that you previously agreed or disagreed with and now confirmed or changed your mind. [20 pts] 7. Staple a copy of the article to your report. If the article contains pictures, graphics, etc. that would require several printed pages, just copy and paste the article wording into a separate Word doc and attach. [5 pts] Note 1: Points may be deducted for less than a full-page write-up, numerous spelling/grammatical errors, improper format, etc. If you are having difficulty writing a full page, you probably chose too short of an article. Note 2: A sample Current Event Report has been posted on UBlearns as a reference under “Assignments”. ©2020 Muriel T. Anderson. Posting/reproduction/sale of this material without the author’s consent is a copyright violation.


Current Event Report
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Current Event Report
1. Compensation: Gender Pay Gap.
2. “How the Gender Pay Gap Cuts through the U.S. Economy,” 08/1/2020, by Katica Roy. Fast Economy,
3. Katica Roy depicts the effect of pay inequities, which is the primary issue that significantly affects women. Many organizations in the United States of America (USA) pay males undertaking the same job responsibilities with females more wages than their counterparts. In particular, the breadwinner ideology influences the decisions made by human resource managers when determining salaries for men and women. The article makes it clear that even after 57 years from the time President Kennedy implemented the Equal Pay Act (EPA), nothing significant has the law done to eliminate gender pay discrimination. Roy portrays that from 2010-2018, the pay gap has been increasing. Currently, women receive 80 cents in every dollar earned by their male counterparts, which is even worse for women in minority groups (Roy, 2020). Consequently, the gender pay gap makes the country lose approximately $512 billion in the gross domestic product.

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