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Current Event Article Summaries Management Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


Students will be required to obtain, read and summarize 1 current event articles relating to a Global Economy/Business topic. The article cannot be more than 2 years old. A copy of the article or Link to the article is required when submitting. The criteria for the article summary is as follows:
Article summaries should submitted with no less than 250 words, single spaced. Please be sure to cite your sources correctly. The summary cannot be on articles referenced in the Textbook. Students must submit a copy of the article with the summary.
Marking Scheme for Current Even Article Summaries
Clear and succinct summary of the article, appropriate and correct sources cited.
Useful précis/ description/ summary of the article. Covers key points of the article.
A fair evaluation of the article: based on content, not just presentation or liking/disliking.
The reviewer relates the article to the course material (includes a reference from the textbook)
Quality of the assignment:
Clear and succinct summary
Fair evaluation of the article
Sources cited correctly
No less than 250 words, single spaced, use APA format for citing sources.
Copy of the article or article link is included


The Pandemic Depression: The Global Economy Will Never Be the Same
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The Pandemic Depression: The Global Economy Will Never Be the Same
Reinhart, Carmen, and Reinhart, Vincent. Foreign Affairs, 2020.
This article highlights the effects the Covid-19 pandemic has had on the world economy. Despite it not being the first disease outbreak to spread globally, it is the first to be met with such fierce combating measures from governments in an attempt to slow the infection rate and properly utilize available healthcare resources. In comparison, the banking crisis of 2008 christened a 'global financial crisis' although the turmoil caused by the Covid-19 pandemic is likely to create distress of a larger magnitude. The novel Corona virus has put a large proportion of the global business into turmoil and unprecedented recessio

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