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Corporate Social Responsivity (CSR) Management Essay (Essay Sample)


(0)total words: 2000
(1)an introduction containing a clear thesis statement (background-frames the debate-thesis-structure), about 200 words
(2)use Times New Roman, font size 12
(3)line space: 1.5
(4)leave a space between paragrarphs
(5)add page numbers
(6)references should be books, journal articles, and published reports. (academic and peer-reviewed)
(1)use academic words
(2)be critical
(3)maybe in the structure of:
-theme 1: customers and recruitment
-theme 2: internal initiatives and awareness
-theme 3: reputation and community development
[themes can be changed, but need specific examples support your arguments in each theme; also, add a counter argument, maybe in a another paragragh]


Corporate Social Responsibility
Institutional Affiliation
Corporate Social Responsibility
Corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy has become an important business tool in the modern-day business arena. Various scholars have come up with different definitions of CSR, but the term basically means using the company’s resources for the well-being of the society (Wijerathna & Gajanayake, 2013). An organization can commit its profits to various initiatives that benefit both society and the business. The CSR concept has been around for the large part of human history. One of the oldest recorded accounts of the CSR concept is in the book of Genesis in the Bible, where God gave the man the responsibility to procreate and take care of the environment. Also, 4000 years ago, the CSR strategy was practiced in Islamic regions where governments charged wealth tax called Zakat (Wijerathna & Gajanayake, 2013). Also, Hinduism and Buddhism largely practiced the concept of CSR. The ancient texts found in the regions where these two religions were practiced suggest that ethical warnings on environment existed and the people who failed to abide by these admonitions were charged excessive interests. Although most of the businesses in recent times did not take the idea of CSR seriously, they have been left with no choice since most consumers have become more aware and educated on various global issues such as unethical labor practices and global warming. Consequently, they are demanding companies to implement policies that will benefit both the company and society as a whole (Wijerathna & Gajanayake, 2013). Besides, various research studies have proven that CSR technique is economically beneficial if applied effectively. This paper will evaluate the economic benefits that corporate social responsibility has on businesses.

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