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Conflict and Negotiations Management Essay Research (Essay Sample)


Identify a significant or common situation in your workplace (or a workplace with which you are familiar) that involves intergroup conflict. Using the following criteria: 1. Identify the sources or drivers of the intergroup conflict using the concepts provided in our text and other materials as your perspective for analysis. 2. Identify the techniques used to bring about a resolution to this conflict. If the conflict was not resolved, recommend a technique or approach. 3. Evaluate the effectiveness of the approach taken to bring about a resolution. If a resolution has not taken place, tell why you think your recommended approach or technique will be effective.
Use Organizational Behavior & Management, Chapter 11 and other sources as necessary on this writing assignment. Thanks


Conflict and Negotiations
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Sources or Drivers of Intergroup Conflict at Walmart
Intergroup conflicts are inevitable in organizations primarily because institutions consist of individuals from diverse background and different personalities. Similarly, businesses particularly those that are established usually comprise of several departments that are supposed to work together to achieve stipulated objectives. However, that situation is most often not easily achieved because of various factors that cause friction within the organizations. Walmart has not been left behind in terms of intergroup conflict with surbordinates feeling pressured and overstretched by high demands and expectations from the management. Majority of the surbordinates in Walmart outlets spread across the globe are unimpressed and feel that the retail giant is establishing expansive plans to counter increasing competition and meet consumer demand without adding the required resources and manpower. On the same breadth, the employees feel unappreciated and exploited because some of them are often forced to put in extra hours without a similar reflection in their remunerations. 

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