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Computer-Based Training Vs. E-Learning (Essay Sample)


In this week's learning, we explored the relationship between Computer-Based Training (CBT) and e-learning. Both of these methods have been popular in staff development. Identify the pros and cons of each learning approach; describe which approach is best used with diverse populations, geographically dispersed locations, and learning styles, and explain why.

Computer-based Training v. E-learning Name: Course: Instructor: Date: Computer-based training (CBT) is a course that uses a computer as a means of delivering instructions. A software can be installed on one computer throughout an educational intranet to facilitate this learning. E-learning, as the name suggests, is the learning done through electronic media and particularly the internet. The two learning methods serve a variety of needs and thus a wide network of learners depending on their diversity, learning styles and geographical location. The paper discusses the merits and demerits of the two and where they can best be applied. Among the merits of CBT is that students can undertake the course at their own convenient time and pace, thus monitoring their personal progress. Also, the method allows tracking of progress as students pick up from where they left. Likewise, there is pre-assessment of the students for them to obtain a tailored course. Among the disadvantages is that there is difficulty in keeping motivation and momentum, and the course may either be too advanced or too simple for the students. Due to no pressure, students may skip critical dates. Also, they may skip-read leaving out the depth of the course just to finish the course (Shimura, 2006). The pro of e-learning includes its flexibility as it can be arranged to fit the student's schedule. Due to the fact that learners can learn from anywhere, it is a low-cost method of learning. It as well allows mobility as students learn out of the confinement of traditional classrooms. The demerits of this method of learning include lack of structure which makes other students especially those with low motivation fall behind the course. Technological problems are inevitable which can make learning difficult. Also, lack of computer proficiency despite some programs being user-friendly may make some learners struggle (Shimura, 2006). The flexibility and the mobility that e-learning offers, make it the best for geographically dispersed locations (Mecintyre & McDonald, 2011). This is because it helps students cut the costs of traveling and the like. Computer-based training works best for the diverse populations. This is because, depending on the learner’s diversity, they can choose related games or quizzes to practice on. Also, the fact that various multimedia is allowed, students can use relevant video c...
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