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Week 7. Operation management for competition advantage (Essay Sample)


You are to use the book Jacobs, F. R. & Chase, R. B. (2018). Operations management for competitive advantage. Boston: Mc-Graw Hill.


Materials requirement planning takes information from the master schedule that is a detailed plan for future production. Because of the needs of the firm, the master schedule must be stated in terms of complete assemblies. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Defend your position.


Week 7
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Week 7
I agree with this statement, according to the books, “Operations Management for Competitive Advantage.” Material requirement planning is an approach that entails the calculation of the number of materials necessary for production. The primary objective of the material requirement planning is to ensure that there adequate raw materials until the end of the production line. According to the book of Jacobs and Chase, material requirement planning has a set of techniques that uses the master schedule to determine requirements for materials (Jacobs & Chase, 2018).

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