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CRJS6203 RV: Changes Over Time in the Treatment of Victims (Essay Sample)


The Assignment (2–3 pages):
• Visit the Interactive Community and follow the instructions to access this week's media.
• Compare similarities and differences between how the victims were treated in each time period.
• Explain how the lack of availability of services during each time period might have affected the treatment of the victims.
• Explain changes within the criminal justice system that might be implemented in the future to help improve treatment of the type of victim portrayed in the media interviews.
Submit the Assignment by Day 7


Changes over Time in the Treatment of Marital Rape Victims
Changes over Time in the Treatment of Marital Rape Victims
Until late 1970's, marital rape was exempted from the criminal law, thus shielding husbands from being charged with rape of their wives (Hasday, 2000). The failure to recognize wife rape as a crime reflects the existing cultural beliefs about sexuality in the society. A woman's sexuality was a commodity owned by her husband and all that happened in their marriage was their private concern, and the society should not intervene. Marital rape was deemed unnecessary because a wife should consensually participate in sex with her husband (Durán, Moya, Megías, &Viki, 2010). Therefore, most people never believed wife rape as a serious issue compared to rape by a stranger. But victims of marital rape are more likely to develop mental psychiatric disorders similar to victims of stranger rape (Harless, 2003). Their experience might even be worse due to extreme violation of both trust and body. Marital rape was not commonly discussed so as to keep the marital relationship private. It was exempted from the criminal justice system to protect husbands from vindictive wives. It was believed that pressing charges of marital rape would discourage reconciliation between husband and wife. The most important point for failure to recognize marital rape as a crime was its almost impossible nature to prove in a court of law (Edwards, Turchik, Dardis, Reynolds, &Gidycz, 2011).
Overtime, various statutes have been enacted to have marital rape prosecutable in a court of law. Various campaigns and policies against raping of wives by their husbands have created awareness in the society that see marital rape offenders face jail terms after rape charges. Victims of sexual assault have better chances of opening up and reporting their cases nowadays (Harless, 2003). This has been facilitated by volunteer organizations w

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