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Censorship in the United States (Essay Sample)


• Introduction which includes background Information and ends with your position (point of view) (2 -3 paragraphs).
• Support for your position (1 page)
• Addressing the opposing viewpoint (1 page)
• Conclusion (2 -3 paragraphs)


Censorship in the United States
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Censorship in the United States
Censorship refers to the prohibition of books, websites, films, music videos and other materials considered to be a threat to the security of the United States. Such contents are highly described as obscene and politically unacceptable. In the United States, freedom of speech has remained a long-standing US tradition. Censorship occurs when individuals succeed in imposing their political or ethical values on others. I believe that the American government suppresses materials, including images and ideas when it causes direct and imminent to a significant societal concern.
Among the longest suppression in the United States is a novel entitled ‘Fanny Hill.’ The novel was written in 1748 by Cleland John. The author’s intentions were never meant to be offensive but rather highlight Cleland point of view based on prostitution. In the history of the United States, there has never been a long-banned literal material than the novel; this is because legal publishing of the novel was prohibited in mid-1800 until the United States Supreme Court ruled otherwise in 1966 (Head, T. 2018). The novel did not have much influence on society because it had lost its appeal and many people had lost interest in it.
Also, 1997 marked a strong victory for freedom of speech and upholding of the first amendment concerning cyberspace. This happened after the United States Supreme Court struck communication act (Maureen, H. 2014). Research indicates that there has been a progressive bleach of censorship law because of easy access to the internet. Therefore, the government encounter difficulties in controlling the flow of information. The efforts of government in reinforcing censorship policies have resulted in directing intimidation against social media platforms, print media and effective flow of online information.
There are different ways in which censorship affect society. Censorship is a crucial element in raising an ethically correct society; it is required in the television industry, in the internet and music industry aimed at making the world a better place. The majority argues that censorship lacks a room in the society that emphases freedom of speech and freedom of expressing oneself. Without censorship, television would be showing immoral content to underage thus promoting wrong decision-making practices. To minimize the negative effects of television censorship policies should be applied and followed strictly.
Currently, the applic

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