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Assignment for Week VIII: Case study Management Essay (Essay Sample)


Assignment for Week VIII: Read “Case Study” (pg. 216-252); Read “Conclusion” (pg. 253-280
Week # VIII
7/30 In class: Round table discussion: Final Thoughts/Making Connections
Peer Review
Assignment: Prepare final paper. Use peer review as a tool to tighten up your work.
Follow guidelines for final paper criteria and presentation:
Please allow 6 minutes to present your essay. You should structure your presentation around the following elements:
1. Read your title, explain which essay question you chose and why. Read your introduction.
2. Discuss what you think are the strongest examples Gladwell uses and why. Or, alternatively, you may discuss the weakest examples.
3. Explain what you have learned about your own thinking and writing as you worked with this text? Any stylistic devices you noticed the writer using?
4. Read your conclusion.
5. Brief question & answer period
In honor of all our hard work, we will have our end of the semester bash next week during our last class. Please bring a cultural/traditional snack for us all to try. One person should bring refreshments.
thats Tha final paper.
the book is ´the tipping point´ by by Malcolm Gladwell


Case Study
Case Study
The essay question I chose centered on the idea of whether the world can be tipped if given the right nudge. This question tests the very essence of the book the Tipping Point. It asks a question which the author, Malcolm Gladwell, is trying to answer in the entire book. The main idea one draws from this is that can one’s world be changed or can one’s attributes be pushed to a new level if and when the right kind of motivation is applied. Well, as Gladwell writes, yes it can be changed.
I chose this question because I wanted to dig deeper into the book and to seek to understand Gladwell’s perspective. My aim was to read the book and seek to understand what lies underneath Gladwell’s views which are quite debatable. However, looking at the examples and illustrations provided, one is inclined to believe that on certain occasions and given the right push, the world could tip. This question helped me to acknowledge and to be observant of what happens around me because Gladwell informs me that nothing happens by chance. 

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