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Brand called you. The Golden Eagle. Management Essay (Essay Sample)


The Brand Called YOU Assignment
Due: February 25, 2020 D2L Drop Box
The Brand Called YOU Assignment must be submitted via the Desire2Learn drop box for the given assignment.  The assignment must be submitted by February 25, 6:00 p.m.  Assignments must be submitted as word documents.  
This assignment should be no less than 3 pages and should follow the outline format given below. These headings and subheadings should appear in your report.   Points will be deducted if the format is not followed.  This assignment is designed for you to begin the process of marketing yourself.  Part of this process entails understanding more about your goals, strengths, weaknesses and plans for improvement.  Another important aspect of marketing yourself is to understand what employers want and how to be successful in their organizations.  Finally, this assignment will encourage you to think beyond the short term of this semester or next semester by starting you on a career-planning path. 
                   Determine what your personal slogan is – this is your Brand Called YOU title
                          ABM/FIM/EEM 210
Executive Summary      
This section should be in paragraph form.  Approximately 1/4 page.
Target Market the industry and position
Should be bulleted.  
1.   Position and Industry/profession type
2.   Skills needed for this position
Situation Analysis
Should be bulleted.  
1.    Competitive Advantage
2.    Weaknesses 
Goal Setting
Should be bulleted.  
1.    You must have at least three goals.
Product, Promotion and Place
Should be bulleted.  
1. Product
2. Promotion
3. Place
This section should be in paragraph form.  Approximately ½ page
Reflect on your findings in this assignment and how you will use them to finish your college
career and how you will carry them into your life after college.
This worksheet is designed to assist you in writing a formal “Brand Called YOU” marketing plan.  Worksheets are a useful planning tool because they help to ensure that important information is not omitted from the marketing plan.
I. Executive Summary: The executive summary is easier to write if you do it last, after you have               written the entire marketing plan.
                          The executive summary “sells” the marketing plan to readers through its clarity and brevity.  The             summary should present a description of the product (you), it’s your target market, and its                   need within the market.  The summary should also provide an overview of the main points of the               plan and should emphasize an action orientation.
II. Target Market the industry and position:  What is your target market?  What type of position and organization are you looking to work for? Examples might be business-to-business sales, marketing research for a consulting firm in Chicago, working with an agricultural business, going back to the family farm and so on.
A.  Position and Industry/profession type                                                                                                          B.  List 5 skills needed for this position 
III. Situation Analysis: Perform an internal assessment: What type of competitive advantage do YOU have?  If you don’t have one, can you develop one? What are your weaknesses?  What can you do to improve on your weaknesses? 
 A.    Competitive Advantage
1.   List 3 skills or characteristics you have that make you better than the other             individuals that are competing for the same position?
B.     Weaknesses
1.  Within your current situation, what are three areas (weakness you have) that you          could better build the “Brand Called You.”  
2. How or what will you do to improve on these areas?
3. What will you do while you are in school to begin to improve on these skills?
                                                                                                                           IV. Goal Setting: What are your goals?  Make them specific and measurable!  
These should be goals to improve on the weaknesses identified in part 3b.
A.  Goal 1                                                                                                                    1.  Specific and measurable outcome:                                                                              2.  Time frame:                                                                                                                B. Goal 2:                                                                                                                   1.  Specific and measurable outcome:                                                                               2.  Time frame:    
C. Goal 3:                                                                                                                   1.  Specific and measurable outcome:                                                                               2.  Time frame:        
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    V.    Product, Promotion and Place
A.  Product:  Know yourself well, continually improve yourself.  Understand how you can meet
      the needs of your target market – prospective employers!  What characteristics and qualities
                    make you distinctive from your competitors and colleagues?  What will you do before you                      begin your job search to make yourself stand out?
1. Brand statement: January 21 you created a personal brand statement. Please include that statement at the beginning of this section.
                                                                                                        2. Major characteristics/skills: Discuss the benefits of each of these (9) attributes and how they would benefit an employer.
B.  Promotion: Think about the buying process.  How will you create awareness for yourself? What can you do to “break through      the clutter” and get the opportunity for an interview? Your personal selling skills will be important for telephone contacts and      face-to-face interviews.  Probe to find out about the needs of the organization before that “sales call” and during the      interview.  Have your questions prepared.
1. Elements of the personal selling strategy: Networking, affiliations/organizations, interviews. 
   a)   Regarding networking identify four key individuals currently in your life             (colleagues, employers, professors) that could be word-of-mouth marketers                for the Brand Called YOU and discuss why they would be good           word-of-mouth marketers.
D.  Place: What channels have you developed to access your target market?  Associations,      personal contacts, professors, and so on.  Do some careful research on these.  Focus your      efforts to those target markets that hold promise.
1.  Intermediaries and channels to be used to market yourself                                                                      
VI. Assessment:
A.  Reflect on your findings in this assignment and how you will use them to finish your                    college career and how you will carry them into your life after college.
Executive Summary (10 points)
                      Product description (yourself)
                      Your target market
                      Need for product within the market
                      An overview of the main points of the plan
                      Action orientation
Target Market (10 points)
                      Position and Industry/profession                      Skills for profession
Situation Analysis ( 20 points)
                      Competitive advantage 
__________  Weaknesses 
Goal Setting (15 points)
                      Marketing goal 1
                      Marketing goal 2
                      Marketing goal 3
Product, Promotion and Place (35 points)
                      Brand statement
                      Major characteristics/skills
                      Elements of the personal selling strategy (Networking, affiliations/organizations)
                      Intermediaries and channels to be used
Assessment (10 points)
___________ Reflect on your findings in this assignment and how you will use them to                            finish your college career and how you will carry them into your life after                             college.
                      Deductions for spelling and grammar errors__________  Deductions for not following outline format   
Written assignment (100 points) Total:___________                                         


The Golden Eagle
Student’s Name
Institutional affiliation
The Golden Eagle
Executive summary
My brand name 'Eagle 'exudes that just like the eagle, I am opportunistic, focused, fearless, and committed to accomplish the goal and make the world a better place for everyone. The eagle is a fascinating bird known for its sharp vision and concentration; it teaches us to be keen so that an opportunity does not pass us. We should be fearless and face problems head-on like the eagle, even in moments of robust decision-making. My main interest is becoming a renowned Fashion Designer, a passion-driven engaging career where you get to utilize your creative skills while earning and making people happy. Fashion is an essential part of life because it can be a lovely way of expressing yourself. Currently, people are judged by what they wear, and fashion statements have become part of us. I am determined to make sure positive customer experience normality by accomplishing all their fashion designers. My focus is to have a fashion house and a successful label, which will lead to chains of departmental fashion stores in the United States. My target market is the day-to-day person in need of casual wear, the trendsetters, the stylish, and the evergreen would of fashion shows.

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