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Assignment 2: The Bentley School Board Case (Essay Sample)


Hi, this is an Employee&Labour Relation's assignment, you need to read the article and answer few questions, please read the article and answer the questions very carefully, and try your best to use some words that can make us easy to understand.

Discussion Questions:

  1.  Discuss the type of seniority clause, in regards to job vacancies, that is outlined at the start of this case.
  2.  What is the alternative approach that could be used in job posting contract language here?  Is it preferred by employers? Explain the merits or drawbacks from that perspective.
  3.  Assuming that Franks wishes to file a grievance and the union proceeds to do so in regards to the choice of applicants in this case, What argument(s) would be advanced against the employer’s choice (Martin) in this job competition?
  4.  As the HR advisor with the school board in this case, what specific guidance would you give to the line manager regarding whom to select in this competition? Give specific direction for the relevant listed criteria seen in the case.

Assignment 2: The Bentley School Board Case
1. The case depicts a straight seniority clause which indicates that job security relies on the length of service of an individual. The first part of the case takes care of the qualifications prior to mentioning seniority. Thus, the higher the number of years (experience) of an individual the higher the chances of getting the job in case of two suitable candidates.
2. The use of standard language that ensures clarity of phrases would be an appropriate approach in this case. Such an approach eliminates the use of acronyms such as WHMIS as used in Bentley School Board advert. Employers prefer this approach as it minimizes contradicting their values and choice of candidate based on the advert language. Moreover, this approach lowers the risk of a recruiter being questioned over an applicant. For instance, it is prudent for Frank to file a case against Bentley School Board based on the advertising language used. Unfortunately, giving full information on an advert is challenging. Also, the interviewing board may prefer a cand

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