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Bargaining Simulation On Uniforms: Main Items (Essay Sample)


Hi, this is a bargaining simulation report assignment, the assignment background I will send for a file, it's a teamwork, and I highlighted my part of the "Bargaining simulation & report details" file, which is under the "written report", "B. 2)." You don't need to write 3 examples, just only one, and I already picked article 14 "Uniforms". the "Diamond Casio - Expired Agreement" and "Contract Renewal Negotiations (1) (2)" files are all about the article 14, the "Bargaining Minutes 1, 2" files are our conversation about bargaining, but I think you might just need "Bargaining minutes 1". I am the Company side. So I think those are all the files you might need, please write this very carefully, and this is a very important assignment for this course, and to be honest, I also don't want to influence our other group people's mark, so please try your best to complete this assignment, and email me if you have some questions thanks so much!!!


Bargaining Simulation on Uniforms
Bargaining Simulation on Uniforms
On Wednesday, March 14th, 2018, the bargaining team from the union and company teams discussed in Article 14 concerning uniforms. Article 14 of the labor Relations 4th Edition for the Provincial Lottery Corporation for Diamond Casino elaborates explicitly on the management of dresses. Thus, the senior management staffs are aware of the current sad situation of employees regarding the negotiation regarding the uniforms. The administration continuously has a concern on the employees' care of uniforms and the possibility of such uniforms worn by employees off –duty.
Bargaining Items
The main item for negotiation was the purchase of required uniform. The employees are allowed to purchase the r

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