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ART-101 WK 1 Reflection Management Research Paper Essay (Essay Sample)


Watch "Why Look at Art?" from Khan Academy. https://youtu(dot)be/0OloYD_kSbU
As you watch consider the following questions:
How would you explain the importance of looking at art?
What skills does it develop?
When you have come in contact with various types of art, have you had similar experiences to those interviewed in the video?


ART-101 WK 1 Reflection
Institutional Affiliation
ART-101 WK 1 Reflection
It is meaningful to look keenly at art because we live in a visual world. There is allegedly hidden information in art and humans express this critical information in art. Looking at art and thinking about it, offers an insight into the way images or other masterpieces communicate in all manners, and it is part of our existence. Art commits us more aware and alert about our surroundings. The skills we develop from looking at art, like alertness, enhance our connectedness to the environment (Smarthistory, 2011). I have witnessed similar experiences as those the video narrates. For instance, many forms of art including, graffiti in the streets,

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