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Dr. Mark 540 post 1 & Antonio Contes 530 post 2. Management Essay (Essay Sample)


Respond to Both post separately with 135 words each. Must use atleast one cite source per post.
Dr. Mark 540 post 1
When we look at the effects of evidence based medicine it truly can raise the bar in terms of quality. Many health care organizations will try implement evidence based best practices into their normal daily operations to ensure they are providing the highest level of care to the patients they serve. It also allows health care organizations to have facts and actual data that they can share with their providers in terms of how they might have to adjust how they have been treating their patients in that organization.
Antonio Contes 530 post 2
Greetings class,
The U.S. medical system may be the the most regulated enterprise in the world due to being a large business operation and a system responsible for the health and well being of the U.S. population. Because the activities within a healthcare organization are subject to heavy legal scrutiny, it is important for healthcare administrators to be familiar with legal and ethical aspects of health care operations. Knowing how the law affects operations can assist an administrator in deciding when they can take actions safely, and when legal counsel is needed before a decision is made (Showalter, 2017). This can add efficiency and quality to a health care operation.
With the Affordable Care Act (ACA) of 2010, it is easy to see how impactful changes in health care laws can be to our nation. Politicians are still in a tumultuous battle for the control of health care reform. Both Legal and ethical aspects of health care operations are at stake. Understanding the differences between types of law, and how they affect organizational operations from a daily basis timeframe to long-term timeframe can give leaders the tools to navigate the large enterprises within our healthcare ecosystem. Being aware that administrative law plays a large role in a health care delivery system's relationships with the local, state and federal government can provide a starting point to understanding how to navigate the legal environment we have today (Showalter, 2017.)


Hello mark
I love the way you have presented your ideas in a clear and precise manner. The main aim of health centers is to ensure that they provide the best quality services to their patients. Therefore, as you have mentioned, evidence-based medicine plays a substantial role in facilitating the delivery of quality services. Such medicine has been tested and proven to be the best for treating the intended ailment. In addition to your response, evidence-based medication helps medical researchers in coming up with new medication. Through evidence-based medicine, medical practitioners can identify the side effects involved. 

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