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American Business in China Research Assignment (Essay Sample)


You are the Director of Marketing for a small American company (WERUS), specializing in the manufacture and sale of environmentally-friendly technology used by heavy industry (such as manufacturing plants). Your company's technology has been used extensively in the US, Western Europe, and Australia to reduce pollution emitted by manufacturing plants (such as automobile manufacturers, power plants, and so on). The company was founded by a devout Christian, and many (if not most) of the company's 250 employees are associated with the Christian faith.
Given the recent success, the CEO has declared a major new initiative to sell the company's products in China (while still maintaining all manufacturing in the US). Unlike the competitors, your company's products are designed, built, and distributed from your Oklahoma facility. Some of your company's employees will have to live and work in China, setting up distribution and implementation teams, interacting with government regulations, and handling product support.
The CEO has recently called on you to develop a project plan for the new venture. Your job will be to produce a paper summarizing the opportunities and challenges associated with offering your technology within the Chinese market. Paper must be at least 15 pages in length, presenting your findings to his leadership team. The paper must specifically address each of the following areas in order (each with its own section):
Information Sources: Where can information about the Chinese culture be found?
Staffing: How will staffing be handled and what are the implications for communication?
Verbal Communication: What do WERUS managers need to know about business communication with Chinese counterparts?
Written Communication: What do WERUS managers need to know about written communication with Chinese counterparts?
Communication Guidelines: What are some general guidelines that WERUS managers must understand to maintain effective communication overall? Discuss opportunities and challenges associated with communication channels and styles.
Cultural Dimensions: Discuss the four cultural dimensions evident in the Chinese market.
Stereotyping: Discuss how the potential stereotypes associated with WERUS personnel (from both the US and China) can be addressed.
Authority: Discuss ramifications for team building and employee relations based on perceptions of authority and power.
Negotiation: Discuss implications for negotiation and problem solving.
Legal Considerations: Describe differences in legal environments between the US and China, including ramifications for conflict resolution and copyright/patent protection.
Strategy: Summarize key elements of organizational structure and culture that must be addressed by WERUS' strategy to enter the Chinese market.
Biblical Worldview: Discuss potential challenges in communicating and relating to others based on the likely differences between a Chinese worldview (mainly the influences of Taoism, Confucianism, Buddhism) and a biblical worldview.
Should offer responses that convey understanding of, and ability to apply the concepts and insight offered during the course. In doing so, should develop a paper of at least 15 pages in length (not including title page, abstract, appendices, or references), and should leverage content from the assigned readings, supplemental readings of the student's choosing (including peer-reviewed sources), experiences, and class discussions. The flow of the 12 items listed above intentionally mirrors the flow of the Varner & Beamer text, providing a helpful framework to guide the student's efforts.
Papers should be double-spaced, use 12-point font, and utilize one-inch margins. Students must utilize and cite at least 7 outside sources, while following APA formatting guidelines.
Convey an extensive understanding of assigned readings in developing each section of the paper. There is an intentional connection between each of the 12 required elements and the assigned chapter readings in the Varner & Beamer text.
Provide a sufficient level of depth and content in responding to each section.
Provide a clear and cogent treatment of the required content.
Provide a response that is well-written and presented with excellent grammar and formatting.
Provide a slide deck that is professional in appearance and suitable for presentation within an executive meeting.


American Business in China
In the business realm, there are vast changes where companies have to come up with strategies to maneuver the challenges and take advantages of the opportunities that come up. Most of the companies as they expand tend to seek markets in the local and internationally. This requires that managers have the right skills to conquer the various markets that the company ventures into. As a director, it is crucial that the one is able to understand the various aspects of the market that company is getting into. Aspects such as communication approaches between the different countries and cultures, are crucial as they define the success of the processes involved in passing information. The staffing processes between the different countries have also too be reviewed to make sure that the work force is satisfied (Li, 2012). This is an aspect that is closely associated with the differences in the culture. there are also other aspects that have be considered such as negotiations tactics and processes between the two countries, legal considerations, cultural dimensions, challenges and the biblical implications of the various business processes (Nowak & Dong, 2017). All of this are processes that influence the success the company will have going forward in the new market. These are specifically important considering that the American culture when compared to the Chinese culture are quite different even at the very basic levels (King & Mallesons, 2012). Understanding these factors is paramount, as they lay out the ground work for the success between the two countries. It is with this understanding the directors are able to develop strategies to venture into the Chinese market despite the fact that, there is a big difference between the American culture and the Chinese culture. managers at WERUS need to understand the basic precepts that are involved when it comes to doing business in the Chinese market. other than the basics of the business processes, there is also the ethical background that is crucial for the success of the company (Thompson, 2017). This is too mean that the company culture has to be in tune with aspect of the ethical foundations that reflect on the Christian values. It is the Christian values that the company was first based on at the start of the business venture. These should be the guide regardless of the market that company is venturing into.
Sourcing Market Information
When researching the market, it is crucial that information acquired is from the most reliable sources. This way even the decisions that are made for the future of the business ventures are accurately generated. Gathering information on the Chinese market as such, requires that most of it comes from the most credible sources. Some of the places that the information can be sourced are the government sources (Nowak & Dong, 2017). These will have the first hand and professional information that reflects the market. most importantly, the information that is published on the government websites is up to date and accurate. It is also important to note that most of the government agencies in China have websites. As such, when sourcing for information about the market in China it is crucial to check up on the agency websites.
The peer reviewed journals are also some of the best places that the information about the Chinese government can be sources. It is crucial to note that the peer reviewed journals offer information that has been refined through a panel of experts in the field. This is to mean that the information has been reviewed for accuracy and relevance (Li, 2012).
There are also websites that are maintained by professional organizations, institutio...

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