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Advocating For Victim Services: Lawmakers & Policymakers (Essay Sample)


Write a letter to your governor or local lawmakers, articulating those needs and services to policymakers in such a way that they can and will develop a plan of action to make modern victim services a reality. You can use real-life examples of victim’s sufferings, a cost-benefit model, or both, but your letter should make a convincing case on behalf of victims.

For this Assignment, consider your response to the Discussion this week. Then locate the two sample letters in the Learning Resources and consider the most effective arguments you can use to persuade lawmakers to support victim services.

The Assignment (2–3 pages):

  • Explain the services currently available in your state for the victim you selected in the Discussion.
  • Explain services not available in your state that might be beneficial for the victim, or recommend revisions or enhancements to exist services.
  • Using the sample provided, create a letter to the governor of your state or local lawmakers explaining what services should be available and explain why.

Advocating For Victim Services
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Advocating For Victim Services.
Some organizations specifically deal with victim services in different cases. Most of them deliver dismal services to the public. A situation at hand is a victim who suffered from grabbing of private property committed by a public servant. The victim argued to have received a notice to vacate his property. That was unplanned for since he had all legal and legit documents prove of his ownership of the property. In this case, a public servant working for the government organizes on vacating an individual after forging ownership of the individual's property through connections from the ministry of lands.
The victim files a case after eviction to recover his possession; the State provides a public attorney in such cases to defend the interests of the plaintiff in court. Even with these legit documents, the plaintiff ends up losing the case and his property. That is beyond expectation, but the public servant ends up owning a property which is not rightfully his. How does this happen? You never know without much patience in digging up the roots of this injustice.
I took much interest in examining the case and found that something was entirely out of place. How does one get to walk away with other people's property that easily? After thorough research, I got to find out how it all happened. The public servant working for the government had a substantial relation to the minister of lands, to be specific this fellow is his cousin. This family bond makes the minister bend the law for his cou

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