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Abraham Lincoln's Leadership Style Management Essay (Essay Sample)


Prominent Leaders
Abraham Lincoln
Explain whether the leader’s style is transactional or transformational. What type of leadership characteristics does the leader demonstrate? What aspects of servant leadership does the leader exhibit? Provide relevant examples to support your claims.
Use these references
Coutu, D. (2009). Leadership lessons from Abraham Lincoln. Harvard Business Review, 87(4)
Zayed, Hasan Al. In: Journal of Third World Studies. Spring, 2008, Vol. 25 Issue 1, 311; Association of Third World Studies, Inc. Language: English, Database: Gale Academic OneFile
Abraham Lincoln, Management Guru! Lessons for Library Leadership on Resilience, True Grit, and Bouncing Forward.
Detail Only Available
Academic Journal
McCombs, Gillian M.; Portal: Libraries & the Academy, Jul2013; 13(3): 227-231. 5p. (Journal Article - editorial) ISSN: 1531-2542, Database: CINAHL Complete
Subjects: Leadership; Libraries Administration; Hardiness
The paper should be three to four pages in length (excluding title and reference pages). At least two scholarly references (a minimum of one being from the Ashford Library) plus the course textbook must be utilized in the research. The paper should also reflect proper APA format and style and integrate resources with in-text citations to support the writing. Vocabulary and course content should be integrated throughout the paper.


Abraham Lincoln’s Leadership Style
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Abraham Lincoln’s Leadership Style
Leadership is a critical human concept, practice, and phenomenon of immense interest. Leadership is a theme permeating through socio-political and scholarly discourse. It is not surprising that it has raised crucial discussions, debates, controversies, and contestation. The definition of leadership is often fluid and elusive. People have expressed diverse and equally consensus and conflicting opinions about the qualities and traits of desired leaders. Outstanding leaders, managers, and political figures continue to be learning points about the art of leadership. All over the world, there is immense interest, curiosity, and discussions about leadership styles amongst diverse leaders political, religious, social, or business leaders, including Barack Obama, Donald Trump, George Bush, Abraham Lincoln, Nelson Mandela, Eleanor Roosevelt, Rosa Parks, Oprah Winfrey, Geoffrey Canada, Pope Francis, Hilary Clinton, David Cameron, Martin Luther King Jr., Winston Churchill, Napoleon Bonaparte, George Washington, Mother Teresa, Bill Gates, and Julius Caesar, among many more! This exceedingly long list of figures exists as a source of drawing leadership lessons and inspirations. This paper will focus on Abraham Lincoln’s Leadership Style. Abraham Lincoln was and remained a great figure in the annals of the U.S political and historical. He left an indelible mark in the corridors of leadership that contemporary leaders draw motivation from. Abraham Lincoln provides leadership during turbulent times, which later led to his assassination. This article demonstrates how Abraham Lincoln was the epitome of transformative leadership.

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