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You be the Judge (Essay Sample)

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Televising Trails Name: Institution: Televising the court proceedings is okay by all means, although it may be argued that it is a slow and boring entertainment. Viewing it as a form of entertainment is a far as justice and the law are concerned. Some of the cases are more of a milestone while others are just normal cases that do not gunner as much popularity. This mainly depends on the subject matter and should not used to determine if trails should be televised according to the level of interest they illicit. As such it is true that case trials are not a form of entertainment, since they are processes of acquiring justice. When viewed as a form of entertainment, the audience feels that the judges and lawyers are putting on a show for the cameras. While it may be argued that lawyers that are doing well on the televised trials are bound to get more business, the bottom line is that justice is illustrated to the public. Attending trails is not prohibited and so is reading them on the papers, televising them thus just extends the number of audience. It means that now more people can get to understand the way the justice is practiced through the law. Where there are trails or judges and lawyers that flop, it should not be blamed on the media. Televising basically allows the public to understand the law, such they can tell when there is foul play as well as poor performance. When the judges and the lawyers are put on the spot for their poor performance, they are bound to take charge of their presentations thus improving the justice processes. Even the jury, will be more careful in the way they handle the cases as the public will be watching them closely. In this era, the public should be given their rights to information, and that information should be the most accu...
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