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Writing, Technology, And Teens: Summary Of Findings (Essay Sample)


For your eighth writing exercise, read the "Summary of Findings" section (pages i-vii) in the article in the link below. Then, in 1-2 pages, answer the following prompt. Remember to quote directly from Lenhart et al.'s article to help support your points.
Writing Prompt:
Talk with some of your older relatives and ask them what they wrote, and how much they wrote, as teenagers. Then talk with some of your friends and ask them the same questions. What are the differences in the responses?


Writing, Technology, and Teens
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Our parents and grandparents have different expectations, and these expectations keep changing with time. The chances are that what is right for us won't work for our generations, and what we have now won't be sustainable in the future. I got a chance to meet my grandmother and grandfather yesterday. I spent quality time with them and asked them a number of interesting questions about their teenage life. During our conversation, I had asked them what they used to write and how they fell in love. My grandfather smiled and said that he wrote various love letters to my grandmother before their marriage.
In fact, he used to write poetry too. I was lucky enough to check his writings, and that impressed me a lot. I could see that the stanzas he wrote in his teenage were incredible. Those were full of emotions and contained various impressive words and phrases. From his love letters too, I learned a lot about ancient writing style. In those days, the lines used to be lengthy and the people did not use short words (such as pls and gonna) to craft their works. In their article, Amanda Lenhart and Sousan Arafeh reveal that these days most teenagers spend their time composing texts and don't even think that what they create electronically is also part of writing.
I know that there was no trend of emails and instant messages in ancient times, and that's evident from the fact that my grandfather always wrote his love letters with his own hands. He told me that he was concerned about their timely delivery. He once posted a letter which took nearly two to five months to reach my grandmother. Anyways, his time as a teenager was quite simple and there were no worries or tensions at all. He kept writing plenty of letters to her and eventually improved his writing skills. Even today when my grandfather and grandmother write something, their writings look flawless and I must admit that I cannot write with this much perfection.
After some time, a friend of my grandfather arrived and I asked the same question to him. I was curious to know what he used to write in his teenage, and he told me that he mostly wrote short stories but didn't publish them at all. By nature, he was a simple and polite man who didn't let the world know about his writing skills. He then showed me some of his short stories and I was quite impressed by their flow. I must admit that his writing style could win him various awards but h

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