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Writing for the Public: Mythbusters Unit ENGR 2367 (Essay Sample)


Just complete the following section
:Treatment (Proposal) with Storyboard
Each group will produce a detailed “treatment,” which is a written outline of the segment. The treatment will include a “storyboard,” which is a visual illustration of each shot. The storyboard is more than just a sketch; it will be used as the set of instructions for filming and post-production.
Components of the Treatment
I. Division of Labor
In this section, address how the work will be divided evenly among group members. Include each group member's name, and describe his or her areas of responsibility.
II. Written Outline
• Introduce the myth in the form of a question. Notice how the Mythbusters will always phrase it in the form of a research question. For example, “Can gummy bears be used as rocket fuel?”
• Provide background context: its origin (who, where)
• A detailed hypothesis: an educated guess whether the myth will be proven true or false, and why
Very often, it is impossible to test the actual myth in its original conditions. So the Mythbusters team will design a version of it that can be tested in a controlled environment.
• Explain the design of the experiment
• Include a diagram of the experiment
• Show how any substitutions will still produce accurate results. For instance, instead of testing on actual human beings, the team will substitute mannequins, but will explain how the material from which they are made will function similarly.
• Mythbusters has very strict standards for evidence. To prove or disprove a myth, each episode depicts the experiment in action. It is very important that the audience see the crucial moments of the experiment, hence the use of close-ups, slow-motion, and repetition.
Discussion of Results
• After the experiment has been demonstrated, the hosts of the show will typically discuss what we have just seen. It is very rare that the experiment is self-explanatory.
• The discussion connects the experiment to the myth. Since the experiment is often a model of a real-life event, the hosts will need to explain how the experiment proves or disproves the myth, including the factors that might be present in the myth that could not be replicated in the experiment. For instance, in proving that a falling icicle could kill a person, the show did not actually kill a person with an icicle, but used the results of an experiment to suggest that it could happen.
• Each episode ends with a clear judgment on each myth: Busted, Plausible, Confirmed
Could you please let me know the topic you choose when you plan it out? I would just like to make sure that that meets the requirements.


Mythbusters – Pencil Kill Scene
Your Name
Your Institution of Affiliation
February 5, 2018
* Question: The question for this Mythbusting segment is; “Can pencil kill a human being?”
* Background context: “Killing with a pencil” is one of the signature moves that was popularized by “John Wick”, an assassin played by Keanu Reeves. The first time that the Pencil Kill Scene was portrayed was in John Wick 1, when he fought in a bar killing 3 people using the tool. In the sequel, it was emphasized in the very beginning, which captured the audiences' attention as John Wick's character was further emphasized. By the end of the movie, he would be doing it again with two assassins who are trying to kill him CITATION hin17 \l 1033 (, 2017).
* A detailed hypothesis: In light of the movie, we believe that the Pencil Kill Scene is “plausible”, depending on the pencil's sharpness, the force of impact/penetration, and the penetration point of the said object (e.g. eyes, back of the neck, ears, etc.)
In order to test out the experiment the first thing that has to be done is to create a dummy body, with the same texture, hardness, and qualities that could be seen in the movie. This would done using a mold, where a makeshift skull would be added. If possible, a makeshift brain could also be added to analyze whether the pencil would go through the brain. The mold would also be transparent in order to assess the damage that would happen to a person's skull as the experimenter tries to penetrate it with a pencil. The said model would look like this (except for the eyeball and the ears, which would be made out of jelly):
In the first test, the experimenter would try to penetrate the ears, the eyes (Ey), with a “sharp pencil” (SP) with full force and then again with a “Dull Pencil” (DP). This would be done while standing (S). After which, the replica would be assessed for the damage and see whether both the SP and DP has hit the brain. In order to provide a better perspective of the matter, a close-up and slow-motion capture would be utilized in order to see the penetration.
In the second test, the pencil would be attached to a wall (W). The experimenter would then try to smash the head of the replica, ears first (Es), in both of the pencils. the experiment would then be repeated as the experimenter tries to smash the replica with the back of the neck (BN) first. The set-up for this test goes like this:
33013402608192Standing trial00Standing trial7772572606040Wall trials00Wall trials
After the experiment, each of tests would then be tabulated like this:

Sharp Pencil (DP)

Dull Pencil (DP)

Standing (S)

Wall (

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