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Writing Project 1. Literature and Language Essay. (Essay Sample)


*No reference is necessary, use the quotes from the book, thank you.
Imagine that you are part of a new nation writing a new social contract and constitution. Your input will be used to decide on the social contract/constitution. First of all, Argue why you believe a central authority should or should not be be created, arguing against or supporting Rousseau and Locke’s ideas in "On The Social Contract" and "Second Treatise of Government", as to the reasons for creating a social contract. Use one or two short quotes at most.
After this, provide one suggestion for a social contract and support your suggestion by arguing in what way it will be a benefit for the citizens of the new nation. Even if you disagree about whether there should be a social contract, you can still feel that a community should abide by certain foundational rules in order to live together. You must argue in support of your suggestion:
• Argue your suggestion is (A) a benefit that a government must supply to its people, or a (B) right it must guarantee for them or a (C) necessary limit on the power of its leaders. Provide premises that support conclusion A, B or C. Use historical and/or theoretical example to support your premises. You can also use a personal narrative and/or an analogy to support A, B or C above. You must explain why your suggestion is not merely a personal benefit, but a benefit for the majority of the people.
• Next, you must demonstrate that the suggestion will create the greatest amount of freedom for each citizen in relation to other citizens, as no one would agree to join a community or nation unless they were granted as much freedom as anyone else.
• You address all three parts of the subject above
• Make sure your arguments:
• Provide clear conclusions
• Each conclusion has separate premises (approximately 3 for each of the three parts of paper) to support it
• Arguments should develop in a natural order
• Use reliable premises, which are concrete and concise
• Builds on substance, not irrelevant attacks or subject matter
Use examples, at least 2, to support premises:
• These examples should at least include a hypothetical examples and an historical example (current news or past historical events),
• Extra credit if you use an analog to support your point of view
Arguments should be as valid as possible, meaning that if a reader agreed with many of your premises, it would be difficult to disagree with your conclusion—the right you suggest should be included in the new contract/constitution.


Writing Project 1
February 25, 2020
A central authority is an organization built to govern the entire population. It is usually composed of the people from the top levels of the organizational structure, and it is where all or most of the decisions and orders concerning the whole masses come from. Whenever there is an issue concerning the entire organization that needs to be resolved, information flows up from the ordinary people to the top level, where it will be analyzed and tackled. Those at the top level of the organization remain in control to monitor and assess all necessary activities and ensure compliance with the order. Having a central authority enables standardization and flexibility in the activities and tasks, which makes the goal faster to achieve and implement for the benefit of the nation and its people. 

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