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Writing Preferences & Conditions That Encourage Students (Essay Sample)


I want to write that i went to the library of West Virginia University and i asked students if they liked to type or write. They told me that they liked to type more than writing by hand. And i also asked them if they like to do writing tasks in class or outside class. 8 of 10 people said that they liked to do writing tasks outside of class. With the information that i gathered about writing, Now i want to write to high school teachers to help teach the childeren better by using my advice.


Writing Preferences and Conditions that Encourage Students to Better Perform Writing Tasks
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Today's technology has significantly changed the way we communicate including communication in written form. Younger students, particularly, have been exposed to gadgets such as electronic tablets and computers at a very early age. It is very likely that some of them have learned how to type messages using an electronic keyboard before they even learned how to write paragraphs longhand. This affects today's students' preferences when it comes to performing written tasks such as those required in academics like essays and reaction papers. The survey conducted for this report focused on students' preferences when it comes to writing such papers as well as what encourages them to complete these writing tasks well. I chose to survey students at the library of West Virginia University and asked them whether they liked to type or write by hand when doing their papers. They also shared with me how they liked doing their writing tasks and whether or not it's better for them to write inside or outside of the classroom.
Background and Objectives
This study aims to understand what encourages today's students to write, in general, including writing academic papers. It analyzes how students performed when writing papers by hand compared to when writing papers using a computer or a laptop.
Summary of Key Findings
When asked if they liked to write by hand or type in a word processing document, most of the students at the West Virginia University Library who participated in the survey said that they preferred typing rather than writing. I also asked them if they preferred doing writing tasks inside the classroom and 8 out of 10 respondents said that they liked writing outside of class, meaning taking writing tasks home and doing them in a more preferable space whether it's their study desks or a coffee shop.
Typing Using Word Processor Programs as Compared to Writing Longhand
Students shared that they are more likely to write their written reports using word processing programs such as Microsoft Word and Pages. The survey asked them to indicate specifically how typing helped them in completing their written reports. It is easier for them to organize their thoughts and make necessary corrections in the document and they find that their thought process is more fluid compared to writing longhand using a pen and paper. On the other hand, writing by hand makes it difficult for them to make corrections when necessary and often requires them to discard whole sheets of paper in order to submit a well-written report without erasures. Often, during the writing process, there are times when they would have an idea that would better fit in an earlier paragraph. In a typed document, they can simply insert that idea and reorganize the paper and that is not possible in a handwritten document.
More Organized Written Output. Students were asked if they are able to better organize their thoughts when writing their papers in a typewritten document. They were asked to cite examples of what particular

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