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Writing Assignment 3 - First Draft Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


This is the first draft of a 5 pages writing assignment. The Works Cited page (see below) is not included in the 5 pages.
Please use the standard format for papers: 1" margins on all sides, 12 point font (preferably Times New Roman)
For this assignment, only use assigned readings, videos, or instructor video comments.
Like Writing Assignment 2, Writing Assignment 3 requires you to write an "argumentative" essay.
Here are the required elements of the Writing Assignment 3 essay:
#1 - Your paper will start with an introductory paragraph, including a thesis statement at the end of the paragraph. The thesis statement is the basic argument you will be making in the paper. In this paper, the thesis statement will concisely summarize the two factors which you believe were most important in enabling the labor movement to grow in membership and influence during the early years of the Great Depression.
#2 - Each of the subsequent body paragraphs should follow a logical progression and be in direct support of your argument. Support your points with specific examples from the reading assignments and video clips. When quoting material in your essay from class readings or referencing a video clip, insert the citation into the appropriate place in the paragraph in a parenthesis. For example, if you are quoting material from page 436 of the textbook, use the following format:
"The NIRA came under particularly fierce attack in part because the process of writing and enforcing industry codes brought to the surface sharp conflicts among competing interests” (WBA, p. 436).
Here are examples of citations from other sources:
Quote from an assigned article with an author - (Brecher, p. 141)
Quote from an assigned article without an author - (Post-War Backlash, p. 150)
Reference to a Video Clip - (San Francisco General Strike, Week 11)
Instructor Video Comment - (Slott, Week 11)
#3 - You will complete the essay with a concluding paragraph which restates/summarizes the thesis statement in the light of the evidence which you have provided in the body paragraphs. You may also want to draw some lessons from the argument you've made in terms of our current situation.
#4 - Finally, include a Works Cited page at the end of your paper (this page does not count toward the total length of your paper). Examples:
Rosenzweig, Roy et. al (2008). Who Built America? Working People and the Nation's History, Volume Two: 1877 to the Present. New York: Bedford/St. Martin's
Jeremy Brecher, "The Great Upheaval", in Boris, E. and Lichtenstein, N. (2003). Major Problems in the History of American Workers. Boston: Wadsworth/Cengage Learning.
San Francisco General Strike (Video, Week 11)
Writing Assignment 3
From 1900 to 1934, the labor movement's economic power and political clout varied considerably. At the turn of the 20th century, employers were in a relatively strong position while unions had limited influence. However, during World War I (1914-1918), union membership increased and labor gained both economic and political power. Labor's forward movement did not last very long, however. The labor movement suffered a significant setback during the "lean years" of the 1920's, when membership declined due to a changing economy, employers' anti-union strategies, and the federal government's pro-business policies.
At first, the Great Depression, which began with the stock market crash of October 1929, further weakened labor unions, as massive unemployment crippled labor's bargaining power. However, by 1933, unions were making a comeback. In 1934, labor militancy continued to rise. In that year, there were general strikes in three American cities and an industry-wide textile strike. These struggles turned out to be the beginning of a massive upsurge in labor organizing during the 1930's.
Please respond to the following question:
What were the two most important factors which led to the labor movement’s growing militancy and strength in 1933 and 1934?
In your response, choose two of following factors:
A New Deal law - the National Industrial Recovery Act (NIRA) - which gave workers the right to form unions
New Deal laws and policies which provided jobs to the unemployed and stimulated the economy through infrastructure and building projects
Militant, mass strikes by labor unions in 1933 and 1934
The role of radical, labor activists from 1929 to 1934


Writing Assignment 3 First Draft
Factors for Labor Movements
The great depression struck the world like a biblical plague, and the most affected nation was America which acted as the world’s capital. The depression led to a massive fall in the economy. In America, the rate of unemployment rose from about 500,00 to over 5million unemployed people. Those few who were employed were being “laid off” by their employers or paying them so little that they could not afford to sustain the unemployed family depending on them. Most of the banks and industries closed. Due to the high level of unemployment, the formation of labor councils and movements started in order to help the workers to fight and struggle through those tough times. The formation of those councils and movements gave strength to the workers; both employed and unemployed bargaining power on their employers and government. These labor movements formed one of the greatest strikes in the states at San Francisco, which was a great victory for workers and their union. This discussion focuses on the two major factors that led to the formation of these labor movements, how they operated, and what changes they brought in the labor sector. 

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