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Write a Short Story. Writer about main character who undergoes a change or learns something (Essay Sample)


Write a short story (minimum: 1 page / maximum: 4 pages) about a main character who undergoes a change or learns something. If you feel your creativity is lacking, remember writing about what you know, your own personally experiences or those of your friends and family are easy to turn into an entertaining short story. Include the following elements in your short story:
A clear setting – the time and place of the story
A plot – series of events that builds to a dramatic climax
A narrator to tell the story
Effective descriptions using sensory details
Dialogue to develop the characters
Error-free grammar, including use of consistent verb tense


Short Story
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Every Saturday at daybreak, I jog around a park near my residence. In one corner of the park, there is a lake. Every time I trot by this lake, I always see an elderly man sitting by the water’s edge and beside him, a metal cage stands put. This past Saturday, I was overcome by curiosity, and I stopped trotting and started casually walking toward the elderly man. As I approached where he sat, I discovered that what I thought was a metal cage was actually a small trap. I spotted four turtles inside the cage, uninjured, slowly circling the base of the cage. He had a fifth turtle sitting on his lap that he was cautiously scrubbing using a sponge brush.

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