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Worldview Application Assignment: Homosexuality (Essay Sample)

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Name : Class : Section : Date of Submission : Worldview Application Assignment Homosexuality Today, homosexuality has raised high debates almost in every circle of our lives. There are opposing views within every society. And above all, the general attitudes and knowledge about this topic has been shifting towards a more open minded society. People are looking for the truth everywhere. Jones says there are those that are for it and others condemning it; the pro choice verse pro nature (Jones, 1994). Therefore, this paper seeks to bring forth the two competing worldviews and using the Bible, the authority book from God, give a position that addresses the morality of the topic. Jones defines homosexuality as an individual’s manifestation of sexual desire towards a member of his or her sex or in other words the erotic activity with a member of your sex (Jones, 1994). In Greek the word homo means the same. There are two angles here; women with manifestations towards other women are referred to as lesbians while the term gay is commonly used to refer to men homosexuals. Jones further notes that the two competing views, pro choice and pro nature (those against pro choice arguments) both argues on different sides of the choice question as they ensure their view is taken into consideration. The pro choice argues that homosexuality is not a natural aspect of humanity. They ensure it is not termed be termed wrong without being bigoted in that case. If then is by choice it can be termed as a bad choice. On the other hand, the pro nature (pro homosexuality) argue that the manifestations are in born, a natural aspect, in humanity hence nothing wrong with it. They know succeeding in this angle they will have a strong case to compare racism and sexism (Jones, 1994). According to the pro choice worldview, homosexuality is both sinful (just like the other ...
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